Communications Automation Platform + IBM Watson

Add omnichannel communications to Watson

Integrated with IBM Watson applications and capabilities, IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) lets you seamlessly integrate omnichannel communications into your customer experience and business workflows for a complete communications experience. Designed to solve the challenges and complex needs of mid-size to large enterprises, the platform can be used to deliver world-class communications experiences, create more effective customer interactions, and improve business processes.






Analytics and AI

Create and manage workflows with ready-to-use applications and automation

Short on development time or resources? With our ready-to-use applications, you can have the flexibility and control to quickly implement solutions that deliver the best experience for your customers.

  • Create more effective inbound and outbound exchanges and enable customer self-service with bots, AI, and real-time interaction management.
  • Design and deploy custom automation and integrated workflows with SmartFlows™, an intuitive visual builder that’s simple for non-coders to use and offers advanced integration capabilities for developers.
  • Increase engagement by easily sending voice and messaging campaigns with SmartEngage™, a communications management application.

IntelePeer’s CAP provides a pre-integrated solution for communications enabling IBM Watson applications, including speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), speech-to-text (STT), tone analysis, sentiment analysis, Watson Assistant, and other capabilities.

Build your own communications-enabled applications with APIs

Leverage our open APIs to easily build applications on top of workflows created in SmartFlows, or host your own applications with embedded voice and messaging capabilities. Take the manual work out of administrative tasks such as billing and reporting, as well as automate the provisioning and service management process.

  • Send and receive SMS with status updates
  • Add, remove, transfer numbers
  • Watson AI – tonality and sentiment analysis
  • Access billing records and detailed reporting
  • Watson Assistant BOT creation
  • Configure SIP and capacity

Improve business processes with integrated communications and analytics

Streamline business processes by integrating communications into your other business applications such as CRM, marketing automation, contact center software, billing systems, and more. Enable internal applications to respond to inbound communications and trigger outbound voice and messaging notifications.

With SmartAnalytics™, all interactions are tracked across our platform and with integrated third-party applications to provide actionable analytics and visual insights into your customer engagements so you can improve internal processes and the customer experience, ultimately driving revenue and reducing costs.

Orchestrate communications across channels and applications

What truly sets our Communications Automation Platform apart is the powerful orchestration engine and embedded IBM Watson capabilities that bring all of your communication channels, business processes, AI, and applications together. Break down communications silos, increase visibility into customer interactions, improve responsiveness, and take control of the customer experience.

Connect globally with industry-leading reliability

Enjoy peace of mind and high-quality service wherever your mission-critical communications take you. Our Communications Automation Platform with embedded IBM Watson applications and capabilities scales instantaneously to meet demand and is built from the ground up on a geo-redundant network to deliver an industry-leading 99.999% uptime.