Hyper-automate your inbound contact center capabilities with SmartAgent

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A digital solution built for contact centers

SmartAgent uses the latest generative AI capabilities to automate inbound interactions

SmartAgent takes hyper-automation to the next level by offering simplified pricing with advanced feature sets, such as generative AI, advanced analytics, and omnichannel orchestration, with voice calling included. Fair usage applies.

Secure Transportation and InTelePeer

Optimizing ride experience

With SmartAgent, Secure Transportation used hyper-automation and AI to slash hold times by 50% and cut ride wait times from 45 to 10 minutes.

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Why choose IntelePeer for SmartAgent

  • Hyper-automate time-consuming and routine inquires
  • Reduce labor costs and improve customer experience
  • Free up agents for revenue-generating tasks
  • Seamless generative AI integration for immediate ROI
  • Dynamic rephrasing and customer specific data training
  • Human-like interactions resulting in faster self-service
  • Bot training up-to 5x faster

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