AI-powered automation to achieve optimal ROI through enhanced interaction resolution

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Transforming productivity

Reshaping the customer experience

Leveraging data to improve operations

Enjoy the benefits of automation and AI

Tools such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, analytics, and AI allow local offices to leverage the latest in communications automation within a centralized information hub.

Increase efficiencies for employees and customers

24×7 instant customer resolutions. Automation allows for routine customer interactions to be addressed without the need for employee interaction.

Standard, predictable customer interactions are contained and managed by AI, allowing employees to focus on complex customer needs.

SmartOffice offers many ways to save money and quickly receive returns

  • Employees can focus on complex customer needs.
  • Creating impactful interactions leads to increased customer retention and employee satisfaction.
  • Reliable billing with predictable pricing model.
  • Bundles can be customized to specific local workgroup needs.

Why choose IntelePeer for SmartOffice?

  • Enhanced customer experience with AI and analytics
  • Excellent service and reliability
  • Integration and automation for your business with award-winning solutions
  • Our Managed Solutions team is available for white glove service and support

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