Gain visibility into omnichannel customer interactions with actionable, on-demand analytics powered by AI.

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Rich data analysis in real time

– On-demand reporting
– Omnichannel dashboards
– Historical trends
– Powered by generative and conversational AI

Details at your fingertips

– Drilldown and filtering
– Explore underlying data
– Location-based performance

Integrate with open APIs

– Leverage existing apps and platforms
– Automated data delivery
– Flexible reporting

Data alerts to your inbox

– Set up threshold and anomaly notifications
– Summary reports
– Schedule by frequency and time zone

Capture all interactions in one place

Visualize data with on-demand reports and dashboards across channels

Seeing the full picture of your communications can be easy. With our intuitive dashboards and reports you can access real-time and historical data across channels.

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Omni-Channel Customer Service Communications & CPaaS | IntelePeer®

Make data-driven decisions

Track and drive the KPIs that matter most to your customer experience

Analyze your data with drill-down tools and filtering. Set up alerts based on thresholds or anomaly detection that can be delivered directly to your inbox – all driven by AI.

Atmosphere Communication Platform | IntelePeer®

Add flexibility with APIs

Gain a deeper understanding of your data by integrating with your current platforms

Get more flexibility with your omnichannel reporting. Use our APIs to deliver data from our platform to your other existing reporting and business intelligence platforms.

Look at our dashboards in action


Voice services dashboard

Access voice analytics:

  • Total calls
  • Call completion status
  • Disconnect reason

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Messaging dashboard

See messaging metrics:

  • Total messages
  • Messages sent
  • Messages received

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SmartFlows dashboard

View SmartFlows analytics:

  • Active flows
  • Flow executions
  • Average flow duration

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Reputation management dashboard

Track reputation management data:

  • Number ratings over time
  • Standing by vendor
  • Numbers by rating

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Why choose IntelePeer SmartAnalytics

Without the right data, you’re flying blind, and your customer experience will show it. Cut out the guesswork, and turn communications content into predictive, decision-making insights, industrial trends and performance metrics collected by our AI solutions and displayed on easy-to-use dashboards. Speak with a representative today about SmartAnalytics.

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