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Omni-Channel Communications & CPaaS | IntelePeer®


Machine learning to enrich customer interactions and experiences.

Insights and analytics

Customize analytics and reporting to meet your specific needs.

Advanced integrations

Take advantage of advanced integrations to connect to your back-end CRM and other business applications.

Cut no-show rates by 23%

Revolutionizing customer engagement

SmartEngage outbound contact center capabilities cut no-show rates by 23%, proven by study on automated appointment reminders.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience (CX) Communications | IntelePeer®


Hyper-automate outbound interactions with SmartFlows to create richer customer experiences

Leverage generative AI, chat bots, and self-service capabilities.


Leverage your customer data to segment your contacts and send them the right message

Upload contacts, configure messaging, and choose a communications channel for a quick deployment.

In this short video, learn how to set up your own SMS campaign


Communicate with your customers on their preferred channels

Send automated SMS, voice, email, and social campaigns.

SmartEngage capabilities

* Roadmap features

Advanced Integrations*

Take advantage of advanced templated integrations to more quickly connect to your back-end CRM such as Salesforce.

Answering machine/Voicemail detection

Distinguish between live human voice and recorded messages, such as those left on answering machines or voicemail systems, in order to automate or optimize call center operations.

Automated retry

Outbound calls that were unsuccessful, in order to increase the chances of successfully connecting with the intended recipient. This helps optimize the use of agents’ time and increase the success rate of outbound campaigns, while reducing the number of missed or abandoned calls.

Call recording

Automatically record calls, save in the cloud, and download an MP3 file.

Call transcription

The automated process of converting spoken language from audio calls into written text.

Campaign analytics and reporting*

Coming soon

Campaign management APIs

Interfaces that enable programmatic access to control, monitor, and optimize various aspects of marketing campaigns within a software application or platform.

Campaign scheduler

Schedule outbound calling or SMS campaigns to a specified list.

Campaigns utilizing generative AI

Campaigns that utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to create personalized content or messages for targeted outbound marketing efforts.

List Management including List Management APIs

Upload and manage a list in the cloud; build rules to make bulk updates via lists.

Managed Solutions (sold with SmartAgent or SmartOffice)

Use IntelePeer’s Managed Solutions team to help set up SmartFlows if your campaign has a complex use case.

Natural Language Processor

A type of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language in a way that is both meaningful and contextually relevant.

Reputation Management

Protect the reputation of your outbound calling numbers to prevent your voice calls from being erroneously labeled as spam on the called party’s device.

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Selectable campaign execution rates

The chosen pace or frequency at which a marketing campaign is delivered or executed, typically determined by the campaign manager or advertiser.

Settable Caller ID

Allows users to specify the displayed phone number when making outbound calls, offering control and customization over the caller identification information.

SmartFlows, including Web Service and NLP: Speech Recognition

The process of converting spoken words into text or commands by a computer or device.

SmartFlows, including Web Service and NLP: TTS

Convert written or typed text into spoken words or audio output, which is then transmitted or played back to a recipient via a communication channel such as phone, radio, or internet.


Send text message to an individual or list.


Outbound calling capability

Why choose IntelePeer’s SmartEngage

  • Effortlessly schedule campaigns with AI
  • Streamed integration for immediate ROI
  • Boost customer engagement with campaign customization
  • Automate internal and external notifications
  • Award-winning customer support

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