Unlock new revenue streams and drive sustainable growth with SmartEngage™

AI-powered automation for richer outbound interactions

SmartEngage offers an omnichannel and personalized experience for customers, providing them with the ability to upgrade their outbound interactions with AI-powered automation.

Powered by IntelePeer’s communications automation platform, SmartEngage unleashes the full potential of customer campaigns through advanced generative AI capabilities. Businesses can now effortlessly create complex and sophisticated campaigns without requiring the direct involvement of live agents.

Why SmartEngage? Get these benefits and more:

Increased sales

Reach out to more prospects and customers than would otherwise be feasible

Cost savings

Reduce call center agent labor costs

Flexibility and scalability

Quickly scale capacity as needed

Greater personalization, lead
conversions, and customer retention

Personalize interactions with prospects and customers, leading to greater campaign effectiveness

Emphasizing responses and outcomes

Pricing model gives different treatment to call and messaging recipients who engage with the platform

Leveraging IntelePeer’s AI Hub and workflow builder, SmartEngage serves a multitude of use cases, enhancing customer engagement, streamlining workflows, and optimizing resource allocation.

Proactive intelligent virtual agents
IntelePeer’s generative AI-driven IVAs provide a targeted and personalized interaction experience with prospects and consumers without the need for a live agent, customer support staff, or sales development reps.

Marketing campaign optimization
By segmenting customer databases and employing personalized messaging, businesses can increase customer engagement, drive conversions, and improve ROI.

Customer service enhancements
Automated responses, updates, and notifications ensure timely and consistent communication with customers, leading to higher satisfaction levels and improved brand loyalty.

Appointment reminders and scheduling
Through automated reminders via SMS or voice calls, businesses minimize no-shows, optimize staff schedules, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Survey and feedback collection
Gathering valuable insights from customers and stakeholders is simplified with automated surveys, feedback requests, and sentiment analysis. This helps businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve products or services.

Lead qualification
Automated drip campaigns, personalized content delivery, and timely follow-ups enable businesses to build relationships and drive omnichannel conversions effectively.

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Omni-Channel Customer Experience (CX) Communications | IntelePeer®


Multiple channels (voice, SMS, MMS)
Campaigns utilizing generative AI
Campaign scheduler
Selectable campaign execution rates
Settable caller ID
Automated retry
Answering machine / voicemail detection
Campaign management APIs
SmartFlows™, including web service and NLP (TTS, speech recognition)
List management including list management APIs
Call recording and transcription
Campaign analytics and reporting*
Advanced integrations*
Reputation Management Pro†
Managed Solutions**

*Roadmap feature
† Purchased separately
** Sold with SmartAgent™ / SmartOffice™