IntelePeer SmartCommunicator™

Create multichannel communications automation within MS Teams

SmartCommunicator takes communications automation to the next level within MS Teams

Activate SMS/MMS messages seamlessly through our in-app user interface, accessible across both desktop and mobile platforms. Our app also integrates with Outlook contacts, streamlining your communication process by enabling you to text and call contacts directly from within the app, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple platforms. We can also integrate with your CRM, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

Benefits of IntelePeer SmartCommunicator with MS Teams:

Value-add to your tech stack

• OTT orchestration built into your MS Teams instance
• SmartAnalytics™ via Insights dashboard

Increase employee productivity

• Streamlined onboarding
• Single in-app UI
• 1:1 messaging
• Group messaging
• Shared inbox

Enhance your CX

• Customized experience with SmartFlows™
• Presence-based
• Skills-based routing
• CRM integration for contacts
• CRM integration for contacts’ messaging preferences
• API – onboarding/offboarding

Key communication channels

• Voice