Transforming customer interactions with generative AI

IntelePeer’s AI solution empowers businesses to engage customers with an exceptional experience and drive growth while maximizing ROI through generative AI technology and industry-specific use cases. Deploy quickly and easily with a robust architecture that ensures scalability and reliability, meeting each customer’s distinct needs.

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AI architecture

Our AI solution is custom-tailored to meet the specific use case, security, and compliance requirements of enterprise businesses, delivering secure and accurate results every time. With sophisticated guardrails in place to control hallucinations and ensure accuracy, you can trust IntelePeer to provide reliable and on-point communications automation and orchestration.

GUARDRAIL LAYER 1: OpenAI hosted on Microsoft Azure

IntelePeer’s AI solution utilizes OpenAI hosted on Microsoft Azure, delivering personalized and accurate responses while maintaining customer data privacy. As a Microsoft High-Tech Pursuits vendor, our technical engineers have direct access to proprietary resources for unparalleled support.

GUARDRAIL LAYER 2: Retrieval augmentation generation (RAG)

With RAG, IntelePeer delivers efficient and accurate processing of user requests by utilizing a proximity search in a controlled universe for answer sets. With benefits including improved search results; enhanced accuracy with LLM; and fast, reliable response delivery, RAG ensures that customers receive prompt and accurate responses.

GUARDRAIL LAYER 3: Offline mode with Q&A pairs

IntelePeer offers an offline mode for generative AI, coupling proprietary customer data with intent data to create thousands of defined Q&A pairs. These pairs are then meticulously reviewed and approved by customer personnel, ensuring absolute accuracy for customer inquiries.

Data privacy and security

At IntelePeer, we prioritize data privacy and security, upholding the highest industry standards through our robust security architecture. Our adherence to industry benchmarks such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, and NIST 800-53 ensures that your data is secure, while advanced encryption and data compartmentalization techniques fortify the integrity of your information.

Strict access controls limit access to personal data, ensuring that only personnel requiring such information have access, and our commitment to ongoing security protocols and threat surveillance provides peace of mind for our customers.


IntelePeer prioritizes data security with robust encryption and data compartmentalization. Unlike most providers, our platform manages voice traffic end-to-end, leveraging data analytics to improve customer journeys. We anonymize and redact all PII, with strict access control and data retention policies for secure deletion. Trust IntelePeer for a comprehensive, secure AI-powered communications automation solution.

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