IntelePeer’s Gen AI automates up to 90% of your customer interactions

and delivers ROI inside 90 days. Other solutions don’t compare.

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Reduction in operation costs



Customer interactions automated




Total client impact

Gen AI is needed to respond to today’s increasingly competitive environment

Labor cost reductions

By 2026, contact center labor costs are expected to be reduced by $80 billion due to the adoption of AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. Are you getting your savings?

Improved cost per customer interaction

The average cost for each live agent customer interaction is $3.50 – $6. Our SmartAgent and SmartOffice offerings are less than 40 cents per interaction. Looking to optimize your ROI?

Productivity and profits

Over the next 10 years, AI could increase productivity by 1.5% per year, increasing S&P 500 profits by 30% or more over the next decade. Ready to improve your earnings per share?

Improved customer experience

Generative AI could reduce average time to handle a customer interaction by 80% – and increase first time resolution by 25%. Ready to improve your CX?

Grow revenue while lowering the cost of customer acquisition and customer service


Financial Services



Modernize patient interactions

Automate patient engagement and streamline your healthcare communications processes with generative AI.

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Things you can do

Personalize patient engagement

Deliver personalized communications and information tailored to each patient’s unique needs and preferences

Enhance efficiency and productivity

Free up valuable time for your staff to focus on high-value activities

Improve patient satisfaction and outcomes

Drive better outcomes and higher levels of patient satisfaction

Increase revenue

With AI, automated cancellations and rescheduling help reduce no shows and fill appointments to save you time and money

Drive AI-powered automation

Maximize returns with generative AI and self-service capabilities.

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Things you can do

Automation and AI

Streamline business processes to deliver faster service


Accelerate your customers’ problem resolution


Deliver a connected experience across channels

Automate your customer journey

Supercharge your sales, deliver an unparalleled customer experience, and personalize your communication to buyers – all using AI.

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Things you can do

Streamline customer service

Reduce customer response times and improve satisfaction levels

Enhance loyalty and retention

Cultivate lasting relationships with your customers

Create targeted marketing campaigns

Deliver personalized promotions, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales

Real-time customer engagement

Automate customer interactions across multiple channels

Power up your communication automation

Increase revenue and improve CX with generative AI. Our AI solutions can infuse cost-savings and operational efficiency into legacy communication processes.

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Things you can do

Streamline your operations

Automate routine tasks – from service requests to meter installations

Personalize customer engagement

Improve CX with targeted outage notifications and energy-saving tips

Weather any storm

Send proactive customer service alerts

Advanced technology driving unquestionable results

See how other operations, inbound sales, account management, and support teams use IntelePeer

With SmartAgent, Secure Transportation used hyper-automation and AI to slash hold times by 50% and cut ride wait times from 45 to 10 minutes. Learn how they optimized the ride experience.


Reduction in hold times

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Top insurance company increases customer engagement and retention with SMS communications.

Learn more in this case study.

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“We’ve saved approximately two thousand dollars per day since this platform started.”

Marshall Ware

Senior Manager Customer Experience

An enterprise utility company leads the charge with a remarkable 53% reduction in agent workload on routine functions. This empowers teams to enhance customer experience with members and providers.


Reduction in agent workload

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Enterprise retail chain achieves a 30% conversion of leads to in-person appointments.

Learn more about how our products changed automated appointment setting for our client.

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In 2023, IntelePeer automated 52M interactions for a major US Fortune 50 health insurance company. We reduced on-prem to CCAAS migration effort by 75%.



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