Revolutionizing customer experience: Secure Transportation lowers customer wait time with hyper-automation and AI

Unlocking efficiency, reducing hold times by 50%


Discover how Secure Transportation, a trailblazer in nonemergency medical and executive transportation services, embraced the power of IntelePeer’s cutting-edge hyper-automation and AI solutions, transforming their customer experience.


Faced with the challenge of managing customer communications and ride-dispatch effectively, Secure Transportation sought a solution that could elevate their service standards. Their existing reliance on SMS was limiting due to constraints on message volume and functionality under their previous provider, Amazon Web Services.


Secure Transportation implemented IntelePeer’s innovative Communications Automation Platform (CAP) to revolutionize customer interactions and streamline the ride-dispatch process. The goal was clear: to enhance the transportation experience for every customer. IntelePeer’s CAP was a gamechanger in elevating their customer experience.


50% reduction in customer hold times: IntelePeer’s CAP slashed hold times, providing customers with quicker, more efficient streamlined service.

Key advantages:

Effortless customer communications

IntelePeer’s CAP ensures seamless and efficient customer communications, eliminating the frustrations associated with prolonged hold times.

Streamlined dispatch process

Secure Transportation said ‘goodbye’ to delays and experienced a significant improvement in their dispatch process, ensuring more timely and reliable rides for all customers.

Scalable and efficient messaging

IntelePeer’s CAP eliminated the previous constraints on message volume, providing Secure Transportation with a scalable and efficient messaging platform.

Secure Transportation’s partnership with IntelePeer exemplifies the transformative power of cutting-edge hyper-automation and AI in the transportation industry, revolutionizing customer experiences and setting new standards for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“I think that [IntelePeer] CPaaS is going to be a big part of our business moving forward, enabling us to move into the future and offer the best product to our members.”

Sean Kelley

Director of Technology

Secure Transportation

“It’s a really easy-to-use product that we can find any which way to use; it’s kind of like a Swiss Army knife. There hasn’t been anything that I wanted to do that I couldn’t do with the IntelePeer product.”

Sean Kelley

Director of Technology

Secure Transportation