Transforming retail with IntelePeer’s hyper-automation and AI: Empowering retailers for increased conversions and unparalleled shopper loyalty


Discover how IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) is reshaping the retail landscape, enabling retailers to elevate purchase conversion rates and foster unwavering shopper loyalty. By personalizing customer journeys with tailored offers at the right time and place, retail stores are optimizing the customer experience by implementing hyper-automation and AI into their sales strategy.


The retail company encountered a substantial surge in incoming calls, triggering a notable spike in customer dissatisfaction. Effectively managing this influx became a critical challenge, significantly impacting customer service quality and overall satisfaction. Furthermore, the retail company experienced the detrimental effects of dropped calls, leading to lost revenue and frustrated customers who were attempting to make purchases.


The retail company implemented IntelePeer’s innovative Communications Automation Platform (CAP) to reshape customer interactions and streamline retail operations. The overarching objective was crystal clear — to elevate the retail experience for every customer.

IntelePeer’s CAP emerged as a game-changer, bringing unprecedented advantages to the forefront. This robust platform not only enhanced customer interactions but also streamlined operational complexities, setting the stage for a customer-centric approach. The retail company now stands at the forefront of retail excellence, showcasing how IntelePeer’s hyper-automation and AI can transform retail landscapes, optimize interactions, and drive unparalleled customer satisfaction.

How they used IntelePeer’s CAP

The retail company seamlessly integrated IntelePeer’s CAP, leveraging the intuitive omnichannel workflow builder, SmartFlows™. This dynamic implementation swiftly automated their business processes, driving unparalleled operational efficiency.

Backed by hyper-automation and AI capabilities, IntelePeer’s CAP became the catalyst for improved retail performance, allowing the company to optimize operations and leverage valuable data for continuous feedback.

IntelePeer benefits

Improved customer service

IntelePeer’s CAP dramatically enhanced customer service by addressing the influx of calls, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Revenue generation

With a decrease in dispute resolution calls, agents were liberated to focus more on sales, directly contributing to revenue generation and sales growth.

Customer loyalty

Customers were able to make purchases quickly, from anywhere at any time, opening the door to repeat store purchases.

Key takeaways

Enhanced customer engagement

Personalized customer journeys led to improved engagement, reinforcing brand loyalty.

Operational efficiency

IntelePeer’s CAP not only improved customer service but also optimized operational efficiency by redirecting agent efforts toward revenue generating activities.

Scalable solutions

The success story underscores the scalability and adaptability of IntelePeer’s CAP to meet the evolving needs of retail business processes.


Increased customer satisfaction
The implementation of IntelePeer’s AI automation led to a substantial improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

Revenue boost
By streamlining dispute resolution calls, agents could shift their focus to sales efforts, positively impacting revenue and fostering business growth.

Future-ready customer experience

Empower your retail business with IntelePeer’s hyper-automation and AI solutions to stay ahead of customer service challenges and enhance revenue streams. Contact us to explore tailored solutions that drive customer satisfaction and business growth.