Keep your customer communications connected

Prepare for the unexpected with IntelePeer for utilities.

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Weather any storm with 99.999% uptime

Prevent any disruption of service and prioritize the safety of your customers with triple redundancy.

Process large influxes of calls with AI

Reduce strain on your contact center agents during call spikes caused by seasonal or emergency situations.

Modernize legacy voice communications systems

Comply with the latest government regulations with an elastic communications solution – without rip and replace.

Agile scalability to manage any user load

IntelePeer’s communications automation platform can manage any call volume with ease and quickly meet expansion requirements.

Revolutionizing utility operations

An enterprise utility company leads the charge with a remarkable 53% reduction in agent workload on routine functions. This empowers teams to enhance customer experience with members and providers.

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Reliable digital solution

Modernize your legacy networks and connect your entire utility unified collaboration or contact center platform.

Seamless user experience

Enhance agent knowledge and customer interactions with a robust and smooth experience, backed by IntelePeer’s SmartFlows.

Fast implementation

Accelerate your delivery of service, complete with product testing and customized development.

Reach out today to protect and upgrade your communication capabilities

Extreme weather events continue to increase in frequency and intensity, and can equip utility companies with the redundancy, flexibility and scalability they need to safeguard communications with their constituents. Moreover, our AI solutions can infuse cost-savings and operational efficiency into legacy communication processes.

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