Insight Enterprises partner testimonial video

How Insight Enterprises migrated from on premise to cloud communications

In a short period of time, Insight Enterprises was able to consolidate 2000+ retail stores onto the Cisco platform with IntelePeer PSTN. This resulted in significant cost savings and a better customer experience.

Episode transcript

[Chad Gray]

My name is Chad Gray. I’m a senior lead architect for collaboration in our portfolio division for Insight. Most of our solutions that we propose within IntelePeer is around the PSTN for cloud telephony/cloud collaboration. We also add on top of that the Atmosphere product that allows custom IBR, custom integrations and solutions, for our customers.

Our client was a large retail organization with really an aging collaboration platform that was on-premise or premise based. They approached Insight really for a sort of a road map of where do we go next. They really relied on Insight for really that support and guidance of how do we get from premise space to cloud and sort of move into this next generation of collaboration. We’ve worked with IntelePeer on some of the other Cisco partnerships prior to this and I think at that point IntelePeer was ahead of the game in partnering with Cisco on their cloud platform. The implementation for the client included IntelePeer’s Atmosphere voice solution, which allowed us to consolidate all their PSTN into one solution with the expanded capabilities of the Atmosphere product. The solution really made it very easy for them to migrate 2,000 plus retail stores plus their corporate office in a very short amount of time onto the Cisco cloud platform using the IntelePeer product for their telephony. So to be able to take a very distributed PSTN model that they had and say hey here’s a single solution and a single cost and manage it all in one spot – it was a very significant cost savings for the customer. I think it was somewhat, you know, at first they were they weren’t sure our numbers were correct, I’ll put it that way. So it was there they asked us to make sure our numbers were correct because there was that much of a savings. The feedback from them on that solution hey it’s been great because we haven’t had to talk about that solution from an issue standpoint.

The transparency of here’s how we can do business together and here’s how we can get a solution for a customer together – it’s just been nice. By no means is IntelePeer a small company, but it has had that feel for me, of working with a small company and have that intimate relationship that I’ve enjoyed and really makes it easy to work with it. Would bring them because of just the ease of working with IntelePeer. Obviously the value and the pricing and those pieces they’re very competitive, but nowadays that doesn’t just cut it right you can’t just be competitive. You have to be easy to work with and it’s a true partnership, not just a transactional event when we work with IntelePeer.