NSD testimonial video

NSD saved over $730K annually and transformed its customer communications

NSD is a logistics and delivery company providing delivery services, product assembly and installation, reverse logistics, and other distribution services to large retailers and manufacturers in the U.S. After realizing its contact center agents were overloaded with too many calls, NSD implemented IntelePeer’s CPaaS solution with some exciting results.

Episode transcript

[Marshall Ware]

I’m Marshall. I’m the senior manager of customer experience at NSD. Um everything related to the customer whether it’s calls, emails, reviews, social media, comes across my desk.

They were using a really broken-down Cisco system that they had purchased from a third-party provider that would not make changes to it without exorbitant fees. I think it was like ten thousand dollars to make a change. So if you wanted something more customized then you’d have to pay a lot of money to do anything, so we just didn’t.

It wasn’t until they let me play with the system and I had to go in there and actually see how easy it was that I, that’s when I became interested. I chose you because of the SmartFlows. I’ve worked with a lot of different IVR systems, and it that was the easiest one that I’ve ever worked. It’s very simple. It’s easy to use. It’s powerful. And that was the reason why I chose to go.

Any inbound calls that come through are routed through the IVR system and then based on what options they select, the customer will get certain information from our, um, from a connection point that we have in there that’ll give them like product information, order information, and then from there if they want to speak to a representative we’ll get them over to one of our customer care reps. We are able to help, I think it’s about 30 percent of customers, without us having to talk to them, which is nice. Um and that’s one of the things that I dig into when I go into the Insights and check out the SmartFlows reporting is how many people left at this point because that means that they got information and then they didn’t they disconnect the call so that’s a large percentage, I mean, that’s thousands of calls a week and tons of hours that have been saved because 30 percent of our calls don’t have to have a live person on them. So that’s been a big deal.

There’s definitely a savings, I mean, we do 50 calls per day, so if we’re saving 500 calls that’s 10 employees, so close to 2,000 a day that we saved. We’ve had to hire because we’re getting busier, but we’ve saved approximately 2,000 per day since this platform start.