IntelePeer Partner Testimonial: UPSTACK

IntelePeer + UPSTACK

UPSTACK shares a recent customer win with IntelePeer. UPSTACK’s customer, a medical imaging provider, leveraged IntelePeer’s CPaaS platform and Reputation Management solution to improve their business communications and reduce carrier, staffing, and call reputation costs.

Episode transcript

[Michael Rafferty]

My name is Michael Rafferty. I’m a partner and managing director of UPSTACK. UPSTACK is one of the world’s fastest growing cloud and internet infrastructure platforms, combining the industry’s leading advisors, advanced technology and dedicated customer support. The services we offer span co-location and data center, private and public cloud, network connectivity, SD-WAN, unified communications, cloud contact center, security and business continuity services.

One of our recent wins with IntelePeer was a medical imaging customer with 170 offices nationwide. They handle about 10,000 medical orders per day and process 2.4 million images per year. This customer had a very inefficient IVR with dead end call flows that were impacting customer appointment scheduling. IntelePeer project managers redesigned the IVR and fast tracked their auto dialer campaign to ensure that patients were contacted in short time for follow-ups. We also employed an AMD or Answering Machine Detection product in the IntelePeer Atmosphere platform, which enabled theiroutbound calling campaigns to end calls when a live person does not answer at a very high rate.

The third product that we were really successful in was IntelePeer’s number reputation management. Outbound calls had been showing as potential spam for many years and this product from IntelePeer corrected that problem.

Prior to IntelePeer, they were experiencing only a 24 accuracy rate of their dialer reaching a voicemail box and those rates determine if calls can be proactively disconnected. After IntelePeer’s solution was fully deployed and metrics were configured, tested, and modified – that accuracy rate improved to 87 percent, eliminating significant carrier, labor, and reputation costs. The customer originally had a 1.6 million dollar annual spend for telephony. However, the IntelePeer solution has enabled the customer to centralize and deliver far more efficiency within their customer experience initiatives and their annual costs have dropped by close to eight hundred thousand dollars annually.

Our experience has been very good from channel management down to the solutions team. Everyone is attentive to the customer’s needs in a comprehensive fashion. We always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and IntelePeer has enabled us to do that.