OneNet Global partner testimonial video

How OneNet Global reduced call center wait times with IntelePeer

A large portion of OneNet Global’s contact center calls were being routed to agents for basic claims and eligibility information. IntelePeer quickly resolved this issue with their drag-and-drop interface, which automated responses to common requests, streamlined agent tasks, and decreased caller wait times.

Episode transcript

[Chris Skordahl]

My name is Chris Skordahl and I am a senior account executive at OneNet Global. OneNet Global is a managed services provider of various carrier services for just basic internet, voice trunking, and today’s world everything as a service. OneNet has been a partner of IntelePeer since 2020, so somewhat new to IntelePeer, but what we’ve been positioning is their Atmosphere CPaaS platform, as well as sip trunking.

We recently had a great IntelePeer Atmosphere CPaaS win with a long-term customer of ours that’s a third-party administrator of healthcare benefits. They came to us with the issue of a large percentage of their call volume were for basic calls from providers looking for information around claims and eligibility. IntelePeer delivered on right from the get-go. Rather than bringing on our own staff to figure things out for the first time, we started the conversation, they picked up with the details, explained what they can do, delivered on promises made, followed up after the fact, brainstormed other ways that we can use this product.

It was truly as simple as an introduction of the IntelePeer team and us standing back and letting their experts work. Customer wanted to see a demo and everyone IntelePeer said sure no problem this is easy to set up, easy to use, we’ll walk through it, we’ll show you how it works, it’s click not code, and the customer loved it – it was exactly what they were looking for. The customer prides itself on being a niche provider of healthcare benefit administration and they really focus on the customer. So they didn’t want to look at this as a tool or they’re just automating tasks for the sake of automating tasks and getting rid of employees. Is really providing options – providing that flexibility and Atmosphere was just that. It’s providing this nimble approach, flexible approach, of various ways of doing things and they still have a full contact center for live voice calls as well. The customer now realizes that this project was only the tip of the iceberg for what CPaaS can do for them. They have the swiss army knife and they’re right now only using the bottle opener.

If I had to describe my experience working with IntelePeer in three words it would be: easy, capable, and rewarding. Working on IntelePeer with this project left us in a state of, you know, what else can we do with other customers searching for more opportunities of fitting IntelePeer into every single one of our customers. I would recommend IntelePeer to other business partners because of my experience. Again, everything was easy. Working within the knowledgeable professional staff that care about what they’re doing defeated expectations and did all the heavy lifting on the front end and the back end of this project.