Easily launch omni-channel campaigns across the enterprise

Powerful, consistent, and controlled messaging is crucial for impactful outreach. IntelePeer Engage empowers departments across the entire enterprise to manage, schedule, and execute SMS and voice campaigns. Engage was created with marketing, billing, sales, operations, and human resources teams in mind.

With pre-built templates, it’s incredibly easy for any employee to build campaigns and manage the process all in one place. From uploading your lists and crafting your message to scheduling your outreach, this ready-to-use application allows you to focus less on the technical side of building campaigns, and more on engaging with your target audience.

Turn your team into a messaging machine

Customer service

Notify employees and customers about new product features or network outages.


Schedule campaigns to deploy at a planned time or date for precise control over the customer journey.

Human resources

Automate internal communications like onboarding, company policy updates, office closures, and more.


Remind customers when their bill is ready and alert them when payments are posted.


Inform employees about maintenance, password changes, and other pressing issues.


Send notifications to agents in the field and update customers about the progress of any maintenance.


It’s incredibly easy to customize how and when your campaigns are sent. Divide based on:

  • Specific dates
  • Specific time windows
  • The day of the week
  • Time zones

Use with IntelePeer’s SmartFlows

IntelePeer’s SmartFlows and Engage were built to work hand-in-hand to create a dynamic, smooth, and reliable communications experience. IntelePeer’s SmartFlows requires absolutely no coding. The simple drag-and-drop interface allows employees across your entire enterprise to build a communication flow that can integrate with other systems and automate responses. So, when you send out an Engage campaign, you invite your user into a new journey.