Reputation Management – Professional

Protect your calls from blocking and labeling

Are your calls at risk of being wrongly treated as unwanted robocalls? Take control of your identity and protect your phone numbers from being mislabeled as scam and spam.

Defend your brand by establishing a verified calling identity

Establish your verified identity status to take control over the consistent presentation of your calling name and prevent improper classification as a scam or fraud caller.

Connect with more customers by improving call reputation

Register your IntelePeer and 3rd party phone numbers across the analytic engines and app providers serving all the major U.S. wireless carriers to correct misleading labels in the caller ID display and prevent erroneous call blocking.

Proactively identify and address reputation risks

Ongoing monitoring and visibility into data, with weekly updates and automated remediation when risks emerge.

  • On-demand visibility of reputation and performance
  • Automated redress of improper labeling

One source for ongoing visibility and control across carriers, analytic engines, and apps

Our comprehensive solution alleviates the time and resources needed to manage multiple relationships and updates. IntelePeer is your single point of contact to address negative number labeling, and achieve more productive customer interactions.

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On-demand visibility of reputation and performance

Automated redress to correct improper spam or scam labeling

Easily identify and address reputation risks that affect your brand identity

Take control of your calling identity to avoid being mislabeled as scam or spam. IntelePeer’s Reputation Management services allow you to ‘set it and forget it’, with ongoing monitoring and visibility into data with weekly updates, as well as automated remediation when risks emerge.

Monitor number reputation with real-time analytics and historical trending

Access our Reputation Management dashboard within our Insights analytics portal, where you can quickly identify trends in reputation and effects to contact rates, and get alerts when something happens. IntelePeer actively monitors and automatically escalates any unhealthy scores for redress so you can focus on running the rest of your business.

Track key analytics, including:
✓ Spam/Fraud ratings
✓ Low/Medium ratings
✓ Number ratings over time
✓ Bad standing by vendor
✓ And more