SmartFlows and Engage product updates: Enhance your communications with AI

Mar 15, 2019

2 minutes

We’re committed to our mission to create easy-to-use but powerful communication tools, which is why we’re introducing some awesome new feature updates to SmartFlows and Engage.

If you are an AI geek like us, get excited because we just released beta versions of three new actions within SmartFlows. These actions, integrated with IBM Watson, enable you to easily implement AI into your voice and SMS flows.


Watson Assistant
Watson Assistant is an AI-powered chatbot that allows you to integrate a conversational interface into your flow.

Detect Language
Powered by IBM Watson, the Detect Language action allows you to recognize the language of a piece of text and cater your flow to that language.

The Translate action uses the Watson Language Translation API to convert a piece of text from one language to another.

With these actions, you can create voice and SMS flows that can be used globally and respond to your customers in their preferred language. It is now even easier for anyone on your team, from marketing to operations, to create powerful cloud-enabled communication workflows to communicate with your customers and employees.

Check out the full release notes for SmartFlows and Engage to learn more about our full list of newly released features, like the ability to clone flows, assign multiple numbers to a flow, adding sentiment and tonality to SMS, and more.

Knowledge is power.

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