Engage employees and automate communications: CPaaS for human resources

Jul 30, 2019

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The pressure is on for HR teams. Maintaining a happy and healthy workforce while managing company-wide processes is challenging. Ensuring clear and consistent communication is key to fostering an open, collaborative, and engaging environment. A recent Gallup poll found that engaged teams result in 21% higher profitability. It’s no wonder that HR professionals are feeling the pressure to engage with their employees in new and exciting ways. Especially in large or growing organizations, HR teams are stretched thin trying to interact and serve their workforce in the way they would like.

While your end goals may be obvious, how to achieve them never is. There are so many things you want to be able to do, but not enough time in the day to do it. There is an answer – but a daunting one. Automation. Automation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about communications. Why not just pick up the phone when you need to make a call, or send an email when you have an announcement? Because when you’re able to automate those actions, you can focus on your bigger goals.

Automation will play an important role in achieving strategic initiatives for all business departments in the near future. But isn’t it a huge investment to start automating processes? Who has the time to learn complicated and highly-technical software to integrate your communications? Literally no one. Which is where CPaaS comes in to save an HR professional’s day. CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, allows your company to quickly and easily embed communications into applications so you can better manage inbound and outbound interactions. It may sound complicated, but there are a select few CPaaS options that are built for everyday business users with drag-and-drop builders and award-winning customer service department (hint hint). What initiatives and HR processes could a CPaaS solution help with, you ask?

The big one: Improve employee engagement

Each person has their own preferred method of communication based on who they’re communicating with, what they are communicating about, and when they’re interacting. For example, my mom’s ideal mode of communication is a phone call on a Sunday morning while she’s half-way through her second cup of tea. I personally would be happy to never have to speak to a human ever again on the phone – except for my mom (hi Mom!) Your employees are just as unique.

CPaaS means you can send out company-wide alerts through the channel that your employees prefer the most. Segment your employees into lists based on the best method to reach them: voice, SMS, email, etc., and connect with them in that way. Or, follow-up unanswered texts with an email. Follow-up that email with a phone call. Follow-up that phone call with skywriter and fireworks (not really…I mean, you could do it but we can’t help you with the skywriter/fireworks part.) To show your employees how much you care, you could send out birthday and work anniversary messages. Or, conduct anonymous employee
satisfaction surveys to gather feedback.

Send out office notifications

Notify employees about an office closures, routine maintenance, big company developments, or donuts in the breakroom. During an emergency, it’s critical to be able to reach all your employees as soon as possible. With the click of a button, you’ll be able to send out campaigns that engage your employees on every channel possible. Phone lines down during a big storm? Resend your alert as a text or email to get in front of your workforce. Send messages that require employee confirmation for time-sensitive or critical activities such as benefits enrollment, and automate a follow-up based on whether you’ve received a confirmation.

Allow for employee self-service options

Give your workforce the opportunity to take control over their HR functions. Set up a call-in line for employees to request vacation or sick days. Or, create a simple chatbot for employees to go to with simple questions like: when is payday? How do I request vacation? Who is our insurance carrier? This lets employees take care of immediate basic tasks and helps take some of the manual processes off of you so you can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Propel recruitment

In-depth online applications, multiple levels of phone screens, and hundreds of candidates can lead to the recruitment process feeling disconnected and impersonal to the candidate. Connect and respond to potential employees in a more personalized way. Integrate your calendar with Atmosphere to allow candidates to schedule and manage their interview time. Use analytics to help your recruiters understand when and how is the best way to connect with potential candidates.

While powerful, CPaaS is what you make it. The only limit is your imagination. Our Atmosphere Communication Platform can help you build the best communication and engagement strategy that fits your exact business needs. With powerful APIs, we make it simple to integrate Atmosphere with existing business applications such as CRM, payroll software, workforce management platforms, and more. Wondering how other departments in your company could utilize a CPaaS solution? We’ve got you covered. Check out: How 5 Departments in Your Company Can Use CPaaS.

Knowledge is power.

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