Automation supports human resource teams in time of crisis

Apr 7, 2020

4 minutes

Human Resource teams are faced with unprecedented challenges navigating the Coronavirus pandemic. HR teams across countless industries now need a communication plan that enables a safe and informed workforce. But that is easier said than done – especially on top of the Great Resignation demanding more of HR employees, limited time, and strained resources.

There is a solution: Adding automation and outbound communication through multiple channels with communication workflow automation (CWA) helping ensure employees are in the know and maintains a good employee experience. CWA allows companies to optimize processes and reduce costs with the ability to create automated workflows. HR teams can prepare and tailor communications for employees in case of emergencies.

Human Resource teams may see a daunting challenge ahead, but here are some ways that you can use CWA and omnichannel capabilities to provide clear and consistent communications for severe weather, public health concerns, cyber threats, and more.

Stay connected with emergency notifications

With an evolving emergency, it’s critical that you reach all your employees as soon as possible. While email has been the tried-and-true method, you can cut through the clutter with SMS, which boasts a near 100% open rate according to multiple sources. Keep your employees informed of any resources or changes in workplace procedures.

Every employee is different and may prefer different ways of communicating, so using multiple channels such as phone calls, texts, or even social messages can help make sure your message gets across. Your HR team can even save time by integrating communication automation with HR management system for a customized and robust emergency response plan.

Boost operational continuity with communication automation

Emergencies can strike at anytime and anywhere. It’s critical to maintain business on the East coast even if the West coast is dealing with an earthquake.

Ease the strain with communication automation. Use chatbots and other self-service options to take care of basic HR questions like FAQs on business hours or healthcare benefits. Preparing a bot with answers can help reduce common calls and emails to HR. This, in turn, helps free up your team for more complex HR issues or emergency handling during a crisis.

Enhance the human resources department with communication workflow automation

CWA empowers HR teams to quickly manage, schedule and execute voice and SMS messages during an emergency. It can help you build a great emergency communication plan that can be customized and monitored on the spot.

This may sound complex, but our products were built with the non-technical user in mind. We have a drag-and-drop visual designer and workflow templates to help you get up and running quickly, including one specifically built for HR teams. Our in-house Managed Solutions team of experts is also here to help you build and deploy solutions.

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