AI and the enterprise: Three departments seeing enhancements

May 2, 2019

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When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), there is no shortage of opinions and facts that are tossed around. Depending on who you ask, AI is going to either revolutionize industries or is just all hype and overblown promises. AI is not all about the job- stealing robots and virtual assistants, in fact, AI can be key when it comes to a winning communications strategy.

AI can be described as technology that is able to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, like decision-making and speech recognition. With the ability to crunch huge amounts of data at a rate humans could only dream of, it is no wonder Gartner predicts 85% of CIOs will be piloting AI programs by 2020. AI sets the table for greater efficiency in hundreds of products and services that we interact with daily. From smart thermostats to washing machines, AI is starting to play a bigger role in enhancing our everyday lives. This futuristic technology is positioned to rewrite the business communication space as we know it.

Using AI to sort through data and automated processes for your business communications is a great place to start. Here are some examples of how different departments in your company can use AI.

1. Customer Service

At the front lines of business, communications lie customer service, a vital link between customers and the organization. Customer experience (CX) improvements are driven by new technology, and each customer interaction impacts the user’s relationship with your organization. You can decide whether these interactions will either drive loyalty or chase the customer away. This is why the use of AI for your customer service team or in the contact center is imperative. Contact centers contain enormous amounts of data and AI can connect the dots between the data points and change the way the enterprise interacts with its customers. Contact center AI revolves around making the agent smarter and more effective by injecting context into every conversation.

Think chatbots and virtual agents handling the simple customer request, saving time for your human agents to handle the complex calls. Sentiment and tonality analysis easily identify the speaker’s emotion and intent, letting you know exactly what your customers are feeling. With the introduction of new AI technology, you will continue to see happier customers and more productive agents.

2. Finance

The finance department is another department we frequently see reaping the benefits of AI technology. From fraud protection to RPA automation and legal compliance, it looks like AI has found a new home within the finance sector. Fraud can easily slip past the human eye in a database of millions of calls and interactions, but by identifying patterns and anomalies in the data, artificial
intelligence can promptly identify and alert you to a crime. Using AI anomaly detection, you will be able to apply new methods of multi-factor authentication, advanced analytics, and machine learning to drastically reduce your risk of fraud.

Chatbots are continuously improving and changing the way the finance department interacts with customers. Chatbots can automate simple bill payments through live chat and messenger apps. Not only will these bots save time and improve the customer experience, but they can reduce human labor costs, too. Customers will no longer have to call a customer service department to pay for a service
or settle a bill. Chatbots can’t walk your dog or mow your lawn (yet), but they can automate many of the daily tasks in the finance department. It’s time to save your enterprise time and money with the ever-increasing power of AI. 

3. Human Resources

Human Resources may not seem like the most obvious stop on the AI train, however, it gives HR departments the opportunity to transform how they execute routine and repetitive tasks.

HR professionals spend hours shuffling through LinkedIn pages, resumes, and phone screens trying to find the next all-star hire. AI
streamlines this process, so you can quickly identify the most qualified candidates. Once you’ve got the all-star hire on board, AI can also assist in training and onboarding your new recruits. Another great feature of AI is gaining the ability to overcome human-bias in decision making. Algorithms can be designed to help employers identify and remove bias patterns in the language they use and improve hiring communications.

AI also plays a key role in automation and streamlining internal communications for the enterprise. Think about enabling a chatbot to
handle employee requests such as scheduling time-off or have your HR bot send out experience surveys. Since employee retention is a significant part of HR, companies that take feedback on various policies on a regular basis can deliver a better workplace experience.

AI is not magic, nor will it run the HR department for you, but it will help your team become more resourceful and even better at their
jobs. With the help of AI, the HR department will shine with overall enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Ready to make AI a reality for your business?

We know enterprise success relies on many factors, but one of the most crucial factors is that you are understanding and leveraging your data. The use of AI will certainly speed up the data mining process, cut costs, and enable businesses to make data-driven decisions. That’s why IntelePeer created Atmosphere Insights. Atmosphere Insights was built to help you understand the value
of your data. It not only provides real-time data insights across channels but also combines your existing communication solutions with artificial intelligence. The combination of real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, and predictive decision-making can help you better understand how people are communicating and interacting with your business. This is all accessible in one intuitive dashboard. Every business struggles to find a way to proactively identify trends and streamline processes, with Atmosphere Insights you have
the power to turn those trends into profits. Our platform is smart enough to identify trends and alert you to anomalies in your data.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to know your data a little better today.

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