SMS for business: The fastest and easiest way for your customers to communicate with your company

Jul 24, 2018

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SMS for business: the fastest and easiest way for your customers to communicate with your company 

With SMS for business, it’s easy for customers to get the help they need from your company, on their terms. The customer service game has been turned upside down in today’s mobile-centric world. It’s expected that the SMS market will expand at an annual growth rate of 4.4% from 2016-2025 with customers wanting to communicate with ease and convenience. Low code SMS APIs are the perfect solution to give consumers the access they need and the individualized experiences they want from their favorite brands.

Automate customer self-service business processes with SMS

The customer service industry is experiencing a major shift as SMS APIs become the new norm. Rather than spending time on hold or waiting for a representative to assist with a basic inquiry, SMS APIs allow customers to get the help they need while going about their day.

Between lengthy hold times, call transfers, and repeated explanations compared to the convenience of texting, it’s no wonder that customers across all demographics spend five times longer texting each day than they do on voice calls. Customers who call in for support often get transferred until they reach the correct department, having to continually explain their situation, which can cause frustration for the customer. With SMS for business, support agents can read the previous message thread and get all the context they need to provide the customer with the assistance they need in a timely manner.

SMS for business automates everyday processes by enabling customer self-service. The healthcare industry is a great example of this. SMS APIs provide unmatched convenience for patients to manage scheduling, rescheduling, confirming, and canceling appointments in a timely manner.

With SMS for business, gone are the days of customers having to call in to reschedule an appointment, get a status update on their travel, get a refund after a billing mishap, or even check their credit card activity. Create automated processes using SMS APIs that allow your customers to take care of simpler tasks on their own with the ability to text with your customer service agents when needed. Improve the customer experience while saving your business time and money

Engage with customers like never before

Most of us use text messaging to keep up with friends and family. Why not do the same with customers? Build your brand loyalty and improve customer experience by using SMS APIs to stay top of mind. SMS APIs can be a two-way conversation and the relationships you build while using it are key to growing your business.

There are many ways to integrate text messaging to make your business more engaging and accessible to your valued customers. Use it to provide customers with bank account information, offer technical support, help customer plan travel with rewards information and more!

  • Provide customers with bank account information
  • Offer technical support
  • Help customers plan travel with rewards information

Check out this infographic for example use cases:

Implement the solution that makes sense for your business

As you can see, SMS has become the preferred method of communication for consumers. Inbound SMS is a powerful tool customers can use to check account information and rewards, contact customer support, and get the information they need quickly. With IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Communications Platform you can automate processes and create workflows that get customers the help they need while saving your business time and money.

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