Integrate communications into your workflows and applications. Please contact us if you would like to add this solution to your existing plan.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience (CX) Communications | IntelePeer®


Connect our platform with your third-party applications

With SmartFlows, you can easily build communications-enabled workflows that are integrated with your existing processes. Use our open APIs to build and embed voice, SMS, and social messaging channels in your applications—kick-off processes based on internal and external interactions.

Omni-Channel Integration Communications & CPaaS | IntelePeer®


Create more contextual and personalized interactions

Automate outbound omnichannel communications from your CRM to manage conversations across the enterprise. Quickly resolve customer inquiries by updating tickets and customer information. Create an intelligent AI voice and messaging bot based on your CRM data interactions to enhance the customer experience.

Integrate communications across the business

Employee alerts and emergency services notifications

Integrate with your HR and CRM systems to keep your customers and employees informed and prepared, no matter where they are, via voice, SMS, or social messages.

Post-purchase and interaction surveys

Follow up customer interactions and purchases with automated surveys to gain valuable insight into what drives your customers, gauge customer service agents’ effectiveness, and uncover opportunities for improvement throughout the enterprise.

Customer relationship management

Create more personalized campaigns and support experiences by pulling customer information from Salesforce or other CRMs and purchasing systems into interactions.

Trouble ticket management

Streamline your support processes with automated text notifications as tickets go from submitted to resolved in Zendesk or other help desk platforms.

Some of the platforms our customers are integrating with

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Microsoft Teams
Webex Teams

Find out how IntelePeer’s integrations mesh with your systems

You may have legacy or outdated infrastructure, but you don’t want the hassle of ripping and replacing years of work for new solutions that might not even function correctly. allows you to keep your existing workflows and applications and add new, AI-powered ones over-the-top for immediate return on investment.