SmartFlows Training

Discover best practices with the experts


Intelepeer trainers show how to use SmartFlows to build omnichannel communication workflow solutions.

Beginners Welcome

Workshops take place in a fully functional training environment. Login credentials and a practice number are provided.


Lab time is included in each session. Your instructor is available to help you troubleshoot as you create each featured project.

Course Offerings

smartflows ADVANCED

Course Overview

This course introduces students to SmartFlows. Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises, students will learn the fundamentals of working with SmartFlows and see how it can empower omnichannel communication workflow solutions.

  • Getting Started with SmartFlows
  • Creating Flows
  • Managing Flows
  • Number Management
  • Audio Library

Course Overview

Course prerequisite: Completion of SmartFlows Fundamentals training.

This course builds on the foundational knowledge covered in the Fundamentals course. Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercise, students will gain a greater understanding of SmartFlows Actions and develop mastery in their use by building more complex flows.

  • Text Response
  • Order Pick Up
  • Caller Feedback
  • Menu Tree