SimonMed testimonial video

How SimonMed saved $500,000 streamlining processes with IntelePeer

SimonMed, a medical imaging company, needed an easily scalable communications system for their rapidly growing business. With IntelePeer, they were able to implement a secure and scalable solution quickly with our easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Episode transcript

[Duleep Wikramanayake]

SimonMed is primarily a medical imaging company, so we are a technology company in high-end imaging, right, so we have about 170 sites today and we do about a 2.2 to 2.4 million studies a year. We get about 10,000 orders a day. Some of them are faxes, some of them are through EMRs, so we have to come up with some technology solutions that is going to make this easier for our company, right, so we can get to the patients in time to schedule their exams so that they’re not stressed out waiting to get their exam done.

In 2016, I was introduced to IntelePeer and so I took a chance and put that in then and it was relatively painless cutting over from the normal PRI, you know, the usual connectivity analog lines to the sip. The securities are the big deal, right, because I remember, I’m not going to mention the carrier, but we were cutting over the sip and within two days the test lines were hacked and there was like almost two thousand dollars of the cause that went through but luckily our security system caught it and stopped it, not the carriers. We haven’t had any of that happen with IntelePeer, so that’s a big deal. When IntelePeer then to CPaaS we used to manage solutions because we needed the expertise, and we didn’t want to have time to learn your system and that worked really well too because you guys really fast tracked all our auto dialing stuff that we needed to do.

They’ve been very good. They’re very attentive. You give them a task and it gets done. They give you timelines, they keep to their timelines, and they report back on it, so I don’t even get involved these days. The only time I get involved if there’s an escalation and I don’t think I’ve seen an escalation since probably like six months, so that’s good. My favorite thing about IntelePeer is that I can pick up the phone and call somebody and get answers very quickly, right, so it’s like a friend in your business. IntelePeer, no longer a vendor of us, you are definitely a partner of us, and I can go at different levels to go to get different escalations, or get answers to any questions we have based on what we want to do with IntelePeer, so it’s a very collaborative partnership that we have.