Secure Transportation testimonial video

IntelePeer customer story: Secure Transportation

Secure Transportation is an experienced passenger transportation company. They moved from Amazon to our CPaaS platform to handle the increased number of messages.

Episode transcript

[Sean Kelly]

Secure Transportation, uh, was started about 40 years ago, um, as a transportation service company. From there, we were able to secure a lot more business and grow tremendously within the last six years. Um and that’s really where IntelePeer came in and really stepped up to help us grow in that fashion as we, uh, had two large call centers.

We had moved all of our outbound SMS messaging from amazon over to IntelePeer just from a functionality standpoint as well as cost. Um, AWS was not letting us send out the amount of text messages we needed to per second and that really was alleviated at IntelePeer.

The external piece, um, is the member engagement and taking their will calls down from you know a 35 minute process down to 10 to 15 minutes. We are engaging with our members, um, in order to have them do cancellations via text now, whereas they would have had to call our care center before, and the internal piece, um, it’s really human resources that’s engaging in it right now. We use it for emergency services. Say we have a hurricane in Orlando, we can send out a text message to all our employees in Orlando, um, letting them know direction whether to come into the office or not come into the office.

Just the flexibility of it, uh, letting us go in and putting in our own web hooks and just basically the design of drag and drop and how easy it is to provision numbers – it’s just a really slick little product. Really easy to use product that we can find any which way to use it’s kind of like a swiss army knife.