Messaging: Boost the effectiveness of your messaging and amplify your outreach

Elevate customer engagement through automated one-to-one messaging across omnichannel platforms. Seamlessly cater to the diverse communications preferences of your global clientele, all from a singular platform.

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You have an appointment on Thursday, June 2, at 1:00PM with Sarah Smith.

Confirm: 1 | Cancel: 2

Reply ‘STOP’ to end




Thanks for confirming your appointment!

Increased engagement

Incorporate elements such as images, videos, and gifs to capture users’ attention.

Seamless communication

Eliminate the need for manual management, resulting in streamlined operations, fewer errors, and enhanced productivity.

Omnichannel messaging

Convey information through a combination of text, audio, video, and graphics.

Social media messaging app for digital marketing e-commerce on smartphone mobile online application via multi-channel, omni-channel communications

Social Messaging COMMUNICATION

Connect with your customers on a channel they love

Communicate with customers on their preferred channels, including WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

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Atmosphere Communications Platform | IntelePeer®

SMS, MMS, Short Codes, Long Codes, and Toll-Free Numbers

Improve your customer reach with text messaging

Texting is a must-have in today’s mobile world. Deliver notifications, alerts, reminders, and support – from the communication channel that is best for you and your customers.

Unleash your creativity; talk with images through MMS messaging

Create more effective customer interactions through AI-powered self-service options

Communicate and demonstrate your brand with multimedia content including images, videos, and GIFs.

Hi there!
Are you interested in learning more about our products and services?

No, I’d like to speak to a person

No Problem!

Connecting you now.

Hello,how can I assist?

No, I’d like to speak to a person

Yes I want to learn more

Messaging features

Social messaging

• Facebook Messenger integration
• WhatsApp integration
• Other platforms via API

SMS messaging

• Two-way via long codes and toll-free numbers
• Short code support
• One-way alphanumeric IDs

MMS messaging

•10-digit long codes
• Multimedia texting
• Secure and reliable

Useful insights

• Messages sent and received
• Message status
• Message by type


• Application-to-person (A2P) messaging
• Higher volume texting
• Control spam messaging

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There have never been more ways for consumers to communicate with each another, and they expect businesses to provide them with the same range of options. You can take your messaging capabilities to even greater heights by leveraging IntelePeer’s omnichannel messaging solution, including voice, SMS, social media messaging, and multimedia content.

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