SMS and text message surveys to improve customer satisfaction

Deliver world-class customer experience today

Streamline feedback and issue resolution with easy to implement and use customer surveys. Route responses to appropriate teams based on customer feedback.


Episode transcript

This demo leverages text messages, customer data, and voice calling to streamline feedback and issue resolution. During an interaction, the customer provides their name and phone number. In this example, the representative saves the contact information by entering it into a simple form. After the interaction is complete, the customer receives a text message inviting them to rate their experience on a five-point scale. If the customer provides a promoter score, then they’re thanked for their feedback. If the customer provides a detractor score, we first encourage them to provide details via text. Then the customer is offered a call from a supervisor to learn more and make it right. The customer’s information and comments are saved in a record. For this demo, we’re using our own list management. The IntelePeer platform connects to your own database or CRM. The supervisor receives a text message that shows the customer’s name and comments. If the customer wants to be called back, the system offers to initiate the call for the supervisor. If the supervisor answers yes, IntelePeer places phone calls to both the supervisor and the customer and bridges them together. An originating number is shown to both parties, so neither sees the other’s true phone number. If the supervisor answers no, another supervisor or customer relations professional is notified and given the opportunity to respond. This is just a single example of the many ways IntelePeer’s communications automation platform helps you deliver world-class customer experience.

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