IntelePeer Messaging

Transform business phones into an engagement platform with SMS

IntelePeer Messaging offers a cost-effective, omni-channel communications solution that combines voice and messaging under one phone number.

Leverage our APIs to easily configure your direct inward dialing (DID) and toll-free numbers to send and receive SMS messages. Discover the benefits of short codes, 5 to 6-digit numbers that allow customers to opt into a database and make it easy for you to send bulk SMS messages to your audience.

You can also easily integrate and automate messaging into your business workflows with our other CPaaS applications. No matter how you choose to send and receive SMS, you can rest easy with our secure and reliable network.




Open APIs



Create more effective customer interactions

There are countless ways that incorporating messaging into your communication strategy can improve internal processes and enhance the customer experience. Provide sales, marketing, onboarding, and support teams with an effective method of automating processes and creating conversations throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • Cut through the clutter and reach customers on their mobile phone.
  • Respond to customer inquiries and send out messages with product and promotional information.
  • Take advantage of short codes with banking notifications, appointment reminders, or alerts.
  • Support customers via text, allowing them to not wait on hold while the issue gets resolved.

Add messaging into your applications

IntelePeer messaging API
usage-based pricing
Sent messages
(local and toll-free)
Received messages (local and toll-free)
$0.006 per message$0.006 per message

Set up fees to enable a number: Free

We take care of queuing and formatting issues so you don’t have to. Also includes on-demand access to insights such as message delivery, receipt, status, and more.

IntelePeer messaging API
short code pricing
Sent messages
(local and toll-free)
Received messages (local and toll-free)
$0.006 per message$0.006 per message

Short codes also require a one-time setup fee and monthly recurring leasing fee. Billing starts at order placement; carrier surcharges may apply. International pricing, volume, and term discounts available.