Patient use cases part one: How a healthcare company uses text messaging for patient communications

Jun 8, 2020

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Adding SMS to a business’ communication strategy-you can improve patient interaction, grow the reach of marketing campaigns, and increase patient engagement.

Companies in various industries are realizing that using SMS for business can help create more effective interactions with their customers and simplify everyday processes. By reaching patients on their mobile device with quickly digestible information, healthcare companies can satisfy the fast convenience that they demand from nearly every B2C interaction.

We helped one of our customers, a large healthcare company, to use omnichannel business communications to cultivate stronger patient relationships by making it easier to refill prescriptions and access educational information.

Marketing, finance, and customer service departments can utilize SMS campaigns to help patients before they reach out. Automate flows to engage them about everything from payments to pre-appointment reminders. Set up of a flow is easy and fast.

Streamlining the prescription refill process

Through our Platform’s omnichannel application automation, patients can opt in to receive phone calls or text messages, depending on their preferred method of communication. Patients get text alerts that let them take care of their prescription needs instead of calling into the store to do so.

The healthcare company integrated its IVR with its prescription management system to create a cadence of follow-up notifications to patients that are overdue for a refill.

Making prescription and educational information more accessible

The company is also using omnichannel communications for another delivery method of providing educational information to its patients. Through IVR self-service, patients can call a specific number for details such as:

  • Instructions
  • Dosage
  • Side effects
  • Drug interactions

Patients can also request prescription information or wellness tips via text. This ensures that patients are always able to access the information that is important to their health and can help build trust between the patient and company.

These are just a few ways that healthcare companies can use omnichannel healthcare communications to provide valuable and pertinent information to their patients while helping them better manage their healthcare. We’d love to help you get started with omnichannel applications, contact us today.

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