Jan 21, 2019

IntelePeer Launches Atmosphere Insights to Provide Enterprises with Complete Visibility into Customer Interactions

Companies can leverage real-time visibility and historical reporting with artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience, drive revenue, and reduce costs.

San Mateo, CA – January 23, 2019 – IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider for enterprises, announced today the availability of Atmosphere Insights, an advanced AI-enabled analytics platform. Atmosphere Insights captures all interactions across communication channels that occur on the Atmosphere Communications Platform as well as integrated third-party applications for real-time and historical reporting in a centralized location.

Atmosphere Insights combines analytics, artificial intelligence, and predictive decision-making tools, enabling businesses to leverage communications data and business outcomes to improve internal processes and customer experiences. Visual dashboards provide users with instant data for real-time visibility and historical trending. Users can set alerts based on thresholds or anomaly detection to diagnose and react to issues as they occur. Customers also have the flexibility to utilize open APIs and standardized data connectors to integrate existing business applications with Atmosphere Insights.

“With disparate systems, business processes, and multiple communications channels, it can be challenging for enterprises to get a true understanding of how customers are communicating with their business,” said Robert Galop, SVP Product and Marketing at IntelePeer. “We’ve created Atmosphere Insights to not only provide a centralized view of all communications but to also deliver actionable intelligence to create a better customer experience. This is another example of our commitment to delivering CPaaS products that are built specifically to solve the challenges that enterprises face.”

Enterprises benefit immediately from built-in AI functionality such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and tonality to gain deeper insights into the customer experience and overall trends that drive customer satisfaction. For example, transcripts from customer conversations with bots or agents can help marketing teams identify trends in customer inquiries and develop the appropriate educational materials.

When used with Atmosphere SmartFlows and Atmosphere Engage, Atmosphere Insights provides advanced reporting on campaign and workflow results. This combination enables enterprises and contact centers to make more informed business decisions that help increase revenue and reduce costs. With visibility into real-time and historical trends, users can make immediate adjustments to campaigns and workflows to improve their effectiveness and ensure customer needs are met.

“In order to get analytics on the customer journey today, most businesses are using reporting from separate solutions such as contact center or marketing automation systems,” said Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst at 451 Research. “By capturing all the interactions that happen on the Atmosphere platform and integrated applications, IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Insights provides value across the business, enabling different departments to visualize and act on customer behavior, and improve their processes to create an optimal overall customer experience.”

Atmosphere Insights is available for partners and customers in the United States, Latin

Lindsey Kocel

Lindsey Kocel is the Director of Product Marketing at IntelePeer and has been with the company for five years. Lindsey received her BBA in International Business & Marketing from Loyola University Chicago, a city that will always hold a special place in her heart. Outside of work, you can find Lindsey hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains, reading anything and everything, hanging out at home with her husband and dog, or cheering on her beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers during football season.