Personalize and automate your shopper experiences

IntelePeer’s Retail communications automation delivers a turnkey omnichannel experience with robust intelligence and integration capabilities. Significantly optimize in-store and eCommerce purchase conversions, customer satisfaction, and buyer loyalty.

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Customize shopper experiences

Deliver personalized promotions to shoppers specific to their needs.

Connect online and in-store customer data

Create a seamless buyer journey across channels and physical stores.

Increase return purchases

Maximize long-term shopper satisfaction and loyalty.

Deliver better buyer experiences with communications automation and integration

Optimize purchase conversions by personalizing your communication to buyers with AI. Support a seamless dialogue specific to their interests and online behaviors.

Communications Automation Platforms (CAP) for retailers

Streamline the digital and brick and mortar shopping experience without replacing your current communications solution. Powered by AI, IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) can help. Download our whitepaper to learn more.


Deliver personalized promotions across channels to increase shopper engagement, purchases, and loyalty across phone, chat and text (SMS and MMS).

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Offer easy and protected payment processing via the phone. Let customers pay on the go or offer as an alternative to web payments when your eCommerce site may be down.


Automate shopper reward delivery at completion of phone surveys or deliver via SMS, chat, and phone based on purchase behaviors or customer sentiment.


Omnichannel customer support AI and automation capabilities to route calls to the best agent. Reduce customer wait time and solve needs faster with natural language processor (NLP), text message, and chat.

Discover why retailers praise our award-winning customer support and commitment to innovation

With years of expertise empowering retail brands,’s advanced AI solutions, robust analytics offering, and leading communication automation platform ensure seamless orchestration across online and in-store interactions through personalized shopping experiences.

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