Empower the shopper experience with IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform for retail

Boost purchase conversions and shopper loyalty with intelligent communications automation

Retail business leaders expect that in the next two years, AI will have its biggest impact on the industry in customer intelligence, inventory management, and chatbots for customer service. In today’s ever-changing digital retail market, intelligent communication automation is critical to achieving future growth.

Is your store effectively harnessing your buyer data across channels and locations to maximize revenues? With disparate online and in-stores systems, retailers must be able to seamlessly connect their buyers’ journey — and provide them with the right offers, at the right time, and in the right places.

IntelePeer’s retail communications automation delivers a turnkey personalized omnichannel shopper experience with robust, built-in intelligence and integration capabilities. Retailers can now significantly optimize their in-store and eCommerce purchase conversions, customer satisfaction, and buyer loyalty programs

The IntelePeer communications automation for retail offer includes:


Order management

Order status, return/refund status, shipping status, abandon cart

Curbside pick-up notifications

Automated SMS and chat updates on status of curbside order

Contextual promotions

Automated SMS promotional code delivery, phone or chat delivery of customized offers to customers based on omnichannel engagement

Appointment management

Scheduling, reminder, and rescheduling via phone, SMS, and chat for high-value purchase consultations — in-store or virtual

Smart IVR/cloud-based routing

Omnichannel customer support, AI, and automation capabilities to route calls to best agent, featuring natural language processor (NLP) and live chat

Customer reviews

Automated post-call surveys and unlimited storage of customer data

Loyalty management

Automated reward delivery at completion of surveys, or delivery via SMS and phone based on purchase behaviors or customer sentiment


Includes: Payment processing • Smart IVR • Short codes • Live chat, masked SMS, or calling capabilities directly with delivery driver • Order management • Update account details • Chat bot from within social application of customer choice (such as Facebook or WhatsApp)

Built-in capabilities

Application and CRM integration

Trigger communications based on data look-ups, log communication activity automatically into application or CRM

High security

Data encryption, fraud monitoring and protection, two-factor authentication

Emergency preparedness

Business continuity, 3x redundancy and e911, Smart IVR for automated routing and queuing during high-call volume times

Reputation Management

Number cleaning capabilities to ensure calls are trusted and delivered seamlessly to customers vs. labeled as spam

Managed Services

24/7/365 professional support from the engineers who built IntelePeer solutions; ability to customize CPaaS solutions 100% — without the heavy lifting

Automation appointment setting

Enterprise retail chain achieves a 30% conversion of leads to in-person appointments without human intervention, redefining customer engagement. See case study:

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By implementing communications automation, retailers can experience these benefits and more:

  • Higher purchase conversions
  • Increased cross-sell and upsell conversions
  • Elevated customer satisfaction and retention
  • Greater customer response rate in satisfaction surveys
  • Staffing productivity optimization and decreased staffing costs
  • Shorter call resolution times and better call completion rates
  • Eliminated downtime and outage costs
  • Lower appointment cancellation rates and cost savings
  • Better customer experience with a seamless, omnichannel customer journey

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