The SMS for business train is taking off… it’s time to get on board or get left behind!

Jul 19, 2018

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If you could nearly quadruple the open-rate of your customer communications, would you? What began as a simple message sent in 1993 by a Finnish news agency has transformed mobile advertising. Today, SMS for businesses is thriving and is projected to be a 247 billion dollar industry by 2020.

Why has this industry grown so much? As an unending flood of emails become white noise, consumers always have their mobile phones in-hand, anticipating their next notification. With SMS integration, businesses now can make sure that the next text a consumer receives engages them to take action with their company, whether it’s using a discount code, participating in a survey, or scheduling an appointment.

Why SMS for business?

The transition to mobile-first marketing is sweeping the industry. Implementing SMS is simple and results in a cost-effective way to improve, track, and optimize customer engagements in real-time.

While we all have unread emails sitting in our inboxes never be to looked back on, 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes.

Engage customers with the unmatched personalization of SMS

SMS has proved to be resilient despite the growth of mobile messaging applications and businesses developing their own apps. Customers don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading an app or checking emails to receive notifications and relevant information. A simple text message thread keeps communications easy to access and the ability to opt in or out at any time allows users to be in control of the messages they receive.

With so many ways to reach your customers, studies have shown that SMS is overwhelmingly the preferred channel for receiving loyalty-related communications.

SMS is highly interactive; with IntelePeer’s platform, anyone on your team can manage conversations with customers and monitor analytics to optimize user experience in real time.

Uses for SMS for business

SMS can be used for any business for:

  1. Promotions
  2. Appointment reminders
  3. Alerts and notifications
  4. HR tool
  5. Receive feedback/surveys

1. Promotions

1a. Promote sales and discounts with notifications or personalized coupons or vouchers.

1b. Promote services and offerings to those who need them.

2. Appointment reminders

Send personalized appointment reminders to save time on confirmations.

3. Alerts and notifications

Use SMS to send time-critical alerts and notification.

4. HR Tool

Make SMS your best HR tool for employee communications.

5. Receive feedback/surveys

Get instant feedback on services with SMS surveys.

Boost Customer Engagement with SMS for Business

Sending highly targeted messages and improving customer engagement has never been easier. Atmosphere Messaging allows businesses to transform phone numbers into multi-channel engagement platforms.

To learn more about integrating SMS into your communications strategy, watch this webinar about making the move to multi-channel communications. Matt Green, Director of Custom Engineering, talks about the customer experience current state, how to engage with them and multiple messaging use cases when implementing Multi Channel Communication.

The SMS for business train is leaving the station and hopefully, now you’re on board!

Also, check out our infographic for boosting customer engagement with SMS for business or contact us!


Appointment Reminders

Alerts and Notifications

HR Tool

Receive Feedback/Survays

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