Advanced CPaaS for contact centers: Challenges and solutions

Aug 15, 2022

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Over the past two years, customer expectations have rapidly changed. Sixty-eight percent of service leaders admit that customer expectations have increased in response to the global health crisis. (Freshworks, 2020) Contact centers have been heavily impacted by the change in consumer demands.  

Advanced contact center challenges

A change in customer consumption behaviors

The global health crisis forever altered how people consume. Face-to-face sales and customer service interactions became virtually impossible, forcing consumers to change the way they interact with businesses. As such, businesses continue to seek immediate solutions for engaging with their clients. 

A multitude of options for consumers creates a shift in brand loyalty

The result of the change in consumer habits is a new digital economy, featuring unending competition, as consumers can make decisions at the click of a button. This has changed brand loyalty. Consumers are no longer loyal to a specific product. Instead, brand loyalty is now tied to the experiences a customer undergoes while purchasing a product.

Communication touchpoints lacking unity

Every business has multiple interactions with each customer during the customer journey. Disconnected, generalized communications negatively impact customer loyalty. Businesses now face the pressure of unifying these touchpoints to provide a singular, personalized customer experience.

Potential economic downturns can affect these challenges  

The next, unforeseeable economic downturn will likely worsen the challenges that contact centers face globally. During uncertain times, many contact centers are swarmed by requests and inquiries, creating long hold times for customers and other challenges. Without proactive proper optimization, contact centers can be challenged by: 

  • Shifts in brand loyalty from previously devoted consumers
  • Drastic changes in consumer behavior and responses
  • Short and long-term staffing issues that impact operations and customer experience

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The solution

Contact centers can address these challenges using communication APIs.  Communication APIs layer over the top (OTT) of existing contact center infrastructure, delivering new automation functionalities, without disrupting existing contact center infrastructure. The cloud-based, no-code and low-code communications platform as a service (CPaaS) solution allows organizations to rapidly create, modify, and deploy customer communications as demands evolve. The scalable approach makes modernizing contact centers cost-effective and available for mass adoption. 

In short, communication APIs allow organizations to integrate customer service automation features to quickly deliver superior customer experience. 

Revolutionize your contact center

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Heather Hancock

Heather brings 15+ years of experience in automation and cloud communications to the IntelePeer team. With a background in telecom, Heather is a skilled product and solutions marketer with strong GTM, messaging, and vertical marketing experience. Heather spends her time walking her pit bull, Bella, singing in a pro karaoke league, and being a cool aunt to her 7 going on 17-year-old niece, Adeline.

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