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Feb 13, 2023

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Two years ago, the future of retail was uncertain. But, by strategically leveraging new opportunities and communications automation, some brands managed to breathe life back into the struggling sector, and by 2023, retail sales are expected to be worth $29.763 trillion. (eMarketer, 2019)

Communications automation platforms continue to support industry growth, delivering a more personalized and connected omnichannel buyer experience with robust contextual automation and integration capabilities. These features significantly optimize in-store and eCommerce purchase conversion, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Automation use cases

Retailers can leverage various automation features to reduce costs, boost revenue, and streamline processes.

Intelligent routing

Communication automations platforms support AI and natural language processing to route calls to the best available agent.

CRM integration

Retailers can automatically log analytics to their CRM account. Then, they can leverage purchase data for customized upsell offers. Retail brands can also automate surveys to explore customer feedback, ultimately improving customer experience.

Customer review management

Improve survey completion rates by conducting surveys through automated outbound campaigns. Likewise, automated communications can transcribe customer responses for future training and feedback.

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Loyalty management

Upon survey completion, rewards can be delivered via SMS and voice based on purchase behaviors or customer sentiment. Furthermore, notifications, alerts, and reminders can be automated.

Appointment reminders

Automated text and voice updates remind customers of an upcoming appointment, lowering appointment cancellation rates.

Abandon cart notifications

Automate the scheduled delivery of SMS alerts when the website shopping cart gets abandoned. Or use automated auto-dialing workflows triggered by abandoned carts to remind customers to complete their orders.

Communications automation support personalization

Retail businesses can also use the automation to provide personalized experiences for their customers, ultimately driving higher customer satisfaction and retention. For example, automated communications allow retailers to send personalized messages, customized offers and contextual promotions via text, phone, or chat based on the client’s omnichannel engagement.

Plus, with CRM integration, you can personalize customer communications with information from their profiles or purchase history. Tailoring customer communications provides consumers with the information they need quickly and easily to drive a memorable experience.

Moreover, retailers can improve customer experiences with data and analytics and can track trends such as survey results, coupon engagement, and even trending call topics. Similarly, brands can make better decisions on resource allocation by analyzing the time of day and frequency of calls across locations.

Implement IntelePeer’s unique solutions today

Ideally, a best-in-class communication platform should include low-code and no-code capabilities, permitting almost anyone to build and edit custom workflows in hours, not days. Scalability is also vital, as retailers can support millions of customer interactions with solutions that can scale to the entire enterprise.

Our automated solutions, powered with AI and analytics and backed by award-winning customer service, help improve and personalize your customers’ experience. IntelePeer provides industry-leading time-to-value solutions that work seamlessly with existing business software and infrastructure. To modernize your communications today, contact us.

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