IVR + voice services = The perfect match

Feb 14, 2017

3 minutes

When you think about interactive voice response (IVR), you typically think of it as a contact center application. Have you ever considered using IVR for your business communications? It may seem like an odd match but really IVR and business phone systems complement one another like PB&J, mac and cheese, or (insert your favorite celebrity couple here). Still not convinced they make the perfect couple?

First of all, what is IVR? IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology that allows callers to interact and respond to different menu options. Businesses use IVR as a cost-effective way for customers to call and get the help they need without always involving a customer service agent. IVR provides customers with self-service options, which frees up agents to focus on more complicated requests. For example, an automated response can tell a customer her credit card balance, whereas an agent can assist with a charge dispute. IVR not only increases agent productivity but also reduces costs.

All companies receive customer inquiries but not all companies have a contact center to provide the first point of contact. Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, isn’t that what auto attendant is for?” While it’s true that many business phone systems come with built-in functionality that allows for pre-recorded customizable greetings and directories to get calls to the right place, IVR provides a more advanced level of customer interaction. IVR is integrated with the company’s databases which lets customers request and receive information without needing to speak with a live agent. In general, auto attendant serves the purpose of routing calls however, if you’re looking to implement a higher level of customer service functionality and efficiency in their phone system, IVR is the one for you.

At IntelePeer, we help our customers get the most of their business communications. While we offer Cloud Contact Center, a complete suite that includes IVR, we can also package the IVR functionality with our Voice Services for a love that’s out of this world. We work with our customers to create IVR flows that meet their unique needs including store locators, feedback surveys, outbound notifications, and account and card activation, just to name a few.

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