Build and automate voice communications anywhere. Please contact us if you would like to add this solution to your existing plan.


I saw you sent us a text, how can I help you?


I’m looking for updates on my appointments.


How would you prefer to get your alerts – text or phone?

Voice benefits

Advanced capabilities

Simple integration delivers AI-based communication, routing, and analytics.

Increased flexibility

Accelerate your strategy and overcoming the complexities of a rip and replace transition.

Rapid deployment

Choose from flexible deployment options and secure direct routing, simplifying your cloud-based or hybrid conversion.

Streamlined automation

Automate your communications and processes with pre-built applications.

Enterprise Omni-Channel Communication Platform | IntelePeer®

Add voice capabilities

Drag and drop voice into workflows

Easily create voice-enabled call flows for inbound and outbound interactions.

Atmosphere Voice Communications | IntelePeer®

Enjoy voice quality and reliability

Rock-solid, enterprise-grade voice solutions

No jitter or latency issues here; keep your zen with our secure and reliable, high-quality voice communication network.

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Atmosphere Communication Platform | IntelePeer®

Handle calls

Streamline inbound calling with automation

Provide automated self-service for customers with voice-enabled AI and business application integrations.

Omni-Channel Communication disaster

Easily integrate

Hassle-free connection to your other communications solutions

Pass calls off to your SIP trunks, contact center, unified collaboration, or other omnichannel communications solutions – we’ve got you covered, no matter how complex.

CPaaS & Communications Platform | IntelePeer®

Access analytics and reporting

Monitor and improve performance

With robust analytics built into our platform, you’ll get actionable insights into your calling data.

Get data

Grow with our Communications Automation Platform (CAP) and build a complete voice solution


Gain on-demand visibility into your call data. Uncover trends and make improvements with access to metrics like performance, traffic, and much more.

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Configure your DID and Toll-Free numbers to send and receive SMS messages. Engage with your customers through one of the most-preferred communications methods.

Start messaging


Efficiently manage outbound omni-channel communications. Send voice and text notifications to keep audiences in the loop on discounts, reminders, and other company updates.

Send campaigns


Build communications-enabled workflows integrated with existing infrastructure. Automate internal and external processes across the business.

Build flows

Voice features

Voice basics

  • Global termination and origination
  • Direct dialing and toll-free
  • E-911 and dynamic 911

Advanced features

  • Speech recognition
  • Natural language understanding
  • DTMF input

Connect to anything

  • SIP trunking
  • Unified communications enablement
  • Contact center voice

Advanced media handling

  • Triple-redundancy
  • Geo-diversity
  • Low latency

Useful insights

  • Location traffic
  • Performance and monitoring
  • Voice bot and DTMF


  • Self-service
  • Scalable capacity
  • Flexible pricing

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Although we have more ways than ever to communicate, customers still value the ability to speak directly with an agent. But, with so many calls flooding contact centers – especially during unique occasions like holidays or emergencies – it is paramount that businesses have automated, AI-enabled assistants to support overwhelmed agents.