Dig up your Voice data and turn it into gold

Mar 12, 2019

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Is your business receiving thousands of calls a day? If so, are you aware of the gold mine of rich data these calls are bringing your business? While there are other channels that you may be using to connect with your customers, there is still an opportunity to understand customer behavior and pain points from calls. Each call contains priceless information that can help you identify patterns and trends that can improve your customer satisfaction. Voice analytics is a powerful tool that will help unlock business intelligence to deepen your pockets all while giving you a bird’s eye view of the ins and outs of your customer interactions. The gathering of large amounts of data is the modern-day gold rush. So, what is your call data worth? Keep reading to find out.

Ca$h in on your Contact Center

Contact centers are faced with many challenges, such as battling high agent turnover, optimizing staff productivity, and ensuring a fantastic customer experience. That’s why the ability to learn from each call is so important and can strongly improve future customer satisfaction. Before the technological advancements in speech recognition, artificial intelligence, and big data, companies would monitor conversations manually, but only about 1-3% of calls were ever analyzed.

For example, a team leader may listen to a representative sample of calls and use that information to make significant company-wide decisions, but are those the right decisions? What about the other 97% of calls they never analyze? Seems like a lot of missed opportunities… By deploying AIand machine learning technology, you can easily analyze every customer interaction to ensure your agents are delivering top-notch service. Managers can use data mining to help recognize training gaps and understand what customers are calling about to better prepare agents.

The other key to delivering a stellar customer experience is to ensure no call to your contact center goes unanswered. Voice analytics enable you to get the full picture of calls based on date, time, and location. Let’s say you realize that one of your locations is receiving high call volumes on Wednesdays during lunch. That’s great, but the problem is that the majority of agents are on break, meaning that your customers are sitting in a queue or end up hanging up before they reach an agent. Now you know you need to change up agent work schedules, so you can decrease call hold times and have happier customers.

Elevate the entire Enterprise

Don’t have a contact center? No worries, the ability to uncover deep insights and the wealth of rich data isn’t limited to just contact centers. The benefits of voice analytics can be used across the entire enterprise to optimize a variety of business processes; including sales, marketing, and compliance.

  • Sales: Analyze results based on location to identify top performing sales agents or regions where you may need to do some more prospecting.
  • Product and Marketing: Understand what customers are calling in about (i.e. product issues or feedback) so you can create educational materials, update product features, or create new products to address customer needs.
  • IT: Stay on top of network capacity and call routing by monitoring call volumes to manage communication resources, improve efficiency, and detect potential issues.
  • Compliance: Monitor real-time voice data to ensure your agents comply with government regulations and company guidelines.

Make Cents of your data

So how does all this work? Analyzing voice data used to be a manual process of examining call recordings in a quest to find actionable data points, which was obviously time consuming (not to mention, it wasn’t a lot of fun). But there’s a better option on the horizon. Advanced voice analytics solutions are continually gaining acceptance and adoption; these tools speed up the data mining process, cut costs and enable brands to make data-driven decisions. Not only does voice analytics software improve automation, it can also identify the speaker’s emotion and intent by analyzing audio patterns and sentiment. This insight will allow you to reduce churn by discovering the root cause of any issues and predicting at-risk customers.

When you pair Atmosphere Insights with Atmosphere Voice you can unlock hidden data to improve customer satisfaction and gain greater operational efficiency. Atmosphere Insights is a powerful AI-enabled solution that enables you to better manage communication flows and gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and the experience they are having with your company and products. Measure, evaluate, and redefine your call-in experience with Atmosphere Insights.


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