How hospitality companies can use SMS to ensure customer satisfaction

Aug 20, 2018

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Use SMS to engage with your customers

The embrace of SMS for business has changed the game for the hospitality industry. Ensuring your customers have a positive and enjoyable experience is no longer limited to time spent while at your venue. Whether a hotel, restaurant, spa, or other service-oriented company, SMS gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers before they walk in the door and after they leave. Streamline and automate key processes such as appointment scheduling, reservations, and loyalty programs while having 1-on-1 interactions with customers to answer questions or encourage a visit to your business.

Ease the Customer Experience

Any hospitality professional knows that your customers expect a lot from you and expect first class treatment. The best way to go above and beyond is to relieve as much of their stress as possible before they walk in the door. Giving customers the option to make or change their plans without having to always call in can remove unnecessary frustration that accompanies waiting on hold, being transferred from representative to representative, and having to repeat themselves multiple times.

There are far too many things to coordinate when traveling. From booking flights, to packing bags, and organizing activities, a relaxing vacation can quickly become a stressful event. So much so that 37% of US vacationers admitted to cancelling or delaying a trip due to stress. Adding SMS as a channel for customer service lets your customers focus more on all the fun and relaxing things they are going to do and less on dealing with changes in the logistics.

Similar stressors can arise when dealing with restaurant reservations. Nothing leaves a negative impression like trying to speak on the phone with a hostess in a noisy restaurant,or searching for somewhere to wait for a table while clutching on to a beeper praying that it goes off. Considering that 70% of restaurant customers do not return for a second visit, it’s clear that many restaurants are failing to engage their customers in the right way. Allowing your diners to spend their waiting time as they please and texting them when their table is ready is a more than welcome new experience. Sending a text afterwards to ask how their visit was or letting them know about upcoming specials helps to keep your venue on their mind.

SMS allows you to connect with your guests in a way that is quick and easy. Automating routine travel and reservation tasks through SMS means that customers can take care of business and then move on with their day. Allow your guests to check-in and check-out through text so they’re not concerned about stopping by the host desk. In turn, your employees can spend less time on the phone addressing issues and more time going above and beyond to make your venue a more enjoyable place to be. You will be able to make your customers and employees happy, while saving your business money.

Endless Possibilities

SMS opens many doors for engaging with your customers. You can keep your brand top of mind while also gathering feedback to improve your practices and driving repeat visits. Imagine all the ways SMS can be used to connect with customers, including:

  • Reservation notifications – let your guests know when their table is ready
  • Check-in ­– check customers in and provide a personalized experience
  • Coupons – send coupons and promotions to increase return business
  • Event alerts – promote new specials, fun events, and great deals
  • Gather feedback – survey your guests after they leave to ensure they enjoyed their time with you

Make the smart choice

SMS is one of the most efficient ways to interact with customers, and ensure they are receiving the highest level of service. Stand out from the crowd by catering your communications to your customers’ needs. IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Messaging can assist you in automating processes and creating workflows that your customers prefer while saving your business time and money.

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