Ways to improve cloud call center architecture and efficiency

Apr 1, 2016

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Lying about efficiency – A bad idea

One of the most famous scenes from the sitcom I Love Lucy occurs in a candy factory. Lucy and Ethel must wrap individual chocolates sent to them on a conveyor belt. If a candy travels beyond their reach they’ll be fired. At first the chocolates flow at a slow and steady pace but within seconds, they emerge faster and faster.

Desperate to keep up, Lucy and Ethel hide bonbons in their hats, drop them down their dress and shove them into their cheeks. It’s a hilarious but regrettable shortcut giving the foreman a false representation of their capabilities. Clearly pleased, the foreman says with gusto “You’re doing splendidly!” Then, to Lucy and Ethel’s horror, she turns her head and shouts the following command “Speed it up a little!”

Contact center architecture is everything

A significant increase in customer demand, surging down a company’s “conveyor belt”, is a wonderful problem for them to have. Forward-thinking organizations will seek out cost-effective ideas that benefit clients and retain internal talent. One such investment is adopting a cloud-based solution to expand a call center into a full-service customer engagement center. Benefits include:

  • Significant gains in agent productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Profitability

Customers get the best of both worlds. The on-demand scalability of interactive voice response (IVR) coupled with the familiar feeling of live agent care.

It’s important to select a provider based on features beyond the usual drumbeat of cost savings. Key contact center architecture components, such as multi-tenancy, are a must when developing a unified workspace environment.

A network’s capability to blend and send information will determine if a customer’s issue is being addressed successfully or haphazardly. Implementation of a migration plan is the last place an IT manager wants to discover their vendor has hidden its shortcomings like Lucy and Ethel.

Caring for customers and empowering employees with communication workflow automation

At IntelePeer, our passion is to equip customer engagement centers with the tools they need to broaden their capabilities and provide comprehensive information. From advanced call routing solutions to real-time metrics, we are industry leaders in streamlining call center workflows and delivering an enjoyable experience.

Knowledge is power.

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