It’s time to get social with your customers

Jul 3, 2019

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Be honest, how many times have you checked your social media pages today? It’s okay, you are not alone. In fact, you are one of 3 billion around the world using social media (and checking it constantly). With social media being a massive part of everyday life, it’s only natural that customers as well as employees expect the same seamless experiences when interacting with your business.

The entire business organization can benefit from expanding your communications strategy and reaching customers and employees when and where it counts. And with the top social channels continuously adding new features, now is the time to get in the game to keep up with changing expectations and stay ahead of the competition. Think it’s time for your company to get social? Here are some more ways adding how social channel messaging can enhance your communication strategy.

Enhance customer support

What’s great about social channel messaging is that it gives you the ability to reach your customers on a platform they know and love. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are gaining relevance and attention as a primary channel for companies when it comes to customer support. The convenience and ease of contacting customer support from your phone and getting a quick reply is invaluable. It’s also beneficial to personalize your messages to instill a sense of trust and familiarity.

Using an application like WhatsApp gives your customers a quick and convenient way reach you at all times. Enabling two-way conversations makes typical manual tasks such as resolving customer service issues or providing product information a breeze. People will feel appreciated and more connected to your brand when they get a quick response and have these personal conversations. Just remember to stay on top of your social messages since   80% of customers that ask a question to a business through a social channel expect a response within 24 hours. And with about 60 billion messages sent through social channels per day, customers have made it clear that messaging apps, like WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are their preferred channels.

If your customers can’t engage with your business on social messaging channels, then your brand reputation and long-term growth could be at risk. Show your customers you care and are willing to reach them in a popular way to ensure growth in revenue and brand loyalty.

Boost employee efficiency and satisfaction

Along with making it easier for your customers to interact with you, adding social channels can also enhance employee satisfaction and efficiency. Having the opportunity to connect with your entire team and give them up-to-the minute information can increase productivity in a multitude of areas. Quickly distribute vital information to your staff and coordinate or delegate tasks within seconds. Take advantage of social messaging applications for scheduling, offering feedback, or collaborating on ideas.

The best thing about social channel messaging applications like WhatsApp is that almost everyone uses it  – over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users – and it does not require any training. Social channel messaging can help organizations stay in touch with the pulse of their workforce and generate ideas for enhancing employee productivity. Stay connected with your employees around the globe with applications that they are already using every day to easily measure employee happiness or identify their pain points on a safe and secure platform.

Improve processes across the enterprise

Sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and other teams can automate processes and enhance customer communications with social channel messaging. That’s why it’s the perfect time to take control of your communications and get better connected to your customers. Continuously engage customers by sending them alerts, notifications, company updates or any other information they may need, directly to their smart phone. You never want to keep your customers waiting so why not automate greeting messages at the start of your conversation for new customers? Or set an away message when unable to answer, so customers know when to expect a response. Social messaging lets you better engage with customers and employees while also making things more efficient.

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