Customer use cases part 2: How a fast-casual restaurant company leveraged IntelePeer’s communications platform to increase customer satisfaction and sales

Jul 6, 2018

4 minutes

Recently, a customer and a partner came to our team sharing some of the challenges the company was facing. With 20,000+ locations, the Corporate Office was struggling with maintaining consistency and customer experience across all locations. With each franchise, it would be up to them to provide the technology and tools to help the stores succeed.

The Challenge

With different communications systems deployed across the locations, no consistent or centralized customer experience solution and process, and no multi-channel communications strategy in place, it was difficult to control how customers engaged with the brand and maintained loyalty.

Plus, the locations were not capturing or leveraging data or analytics to better understand customer experience and process improvements, drive promoted products, and call volume and length.

Our customer recognized that the road to providing a consistent customer experience across all franchises and the call center would require understanding the performance and potential of each location and providing franchise owners with the technology to increase sales and improve on customer interactions.

The Solution

Pulling together best-of-breed third-party suppliers and partners, our customer rolled out an overhaul of their communications infrastructure and applications. IntelePeer was selected to provide a flexible cloud-based communications solution leveraging our voice services, multi-channel IVR and Cloud Routing to streamline communication flows and customer engagement, all backed by actionable analytics.

Here are some examples of how our customer is using IntelePeer’s communications platform to automate and standardize the customer experience:

  • IntelePeer’s multi-channel IVR allows local location callers to hear a consistent greeting and menu selections of “Store” or “Catering” options. Owners can also easily control and customize their location’s greeting, hours, and special of the day, all while staying consistent with the brand and style guidelines.
  • Calls to the Catering Department flow seamlessly from the local location to Call Center and back utilizing and Atmosphere Cloud Routing.
  • Atmosphere Messaging allows each location to market to their loyal customer base and promote special offers to encourage multiple visits. A multi-channel business communications strategy combining voice and SMS help our customer reinforce national branding, increase same-store revenue, and deliver a better customer experience.
  • Locally collected analytics on call duration, abandonment, originating location, future sentiment analysis and tonality, and other customer interaction data are quantified to rate and grade store locations and drive process improvements.

By taking an integrated approach our customer was able to use their business communications as a tool to solve challenges and uphold their standard of customer service. We’ve enjoyed working with this customer and our partners on a new way to approach communications; going beyond basic interactions.

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