How CPaaS helps retail companies take engagement to next level

Dec 18, 2018

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Retail providers know that consistent, quality engagement is crucial to maintaining happy and loyal customers. It can be difficult to manage all your communication programs such as discounts, loyalty programs, product information, and more while determining the best way to ensure your customers engaged with your content.

With Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), you can enhance your existing communications strategy to ensure you are creating consistent experiences, reaching your customers, and driving sales.  This solution gives businesses everywhere a scalable and flexible platform that can be easily integrated with your existing processes and systems to drive sales and customer loyalty through communications.

Create a great customer experience during every interaction

Providing the same quality experience for customers purchasing online or in-store should extend to communications as well. With CPaaS, you can better control the communications experience with integrated and automated workflows across channels, whether it’s voice, SMS, chat, email, or social. For example, a customer’s first interaction occurs when they call in to request information, such as store hours, location, or promotions. You can create a consistent greeting customized to your brand with self-service options or direct customers to a live agent based on time of day or specific need. Now your customers will have a streamlined and consistent experience no matter which location they are contacting or the method they are using to do it.

Manage loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a powerful way to keep customers coming back and purchasing more. With CPaaS, it’s easy to build automated flows that are integrated with your CRM or other applications to step up engagement with all your customers. For example, customers can interact with your business through SMS to check rewards points balances and get updated account information. This means getting them the information they need quickly and easily, providing a better and more personalized customer experience.

Send marketing promotions and coupons to loyal customers

Offering discounts and special deals can be one of the most effective ways to get customers into your store or to your website. SMS is a great way to send discounts and coupons that are time-sensitive to get your customers coming back sooner. Today 64% of consumers say they prefer to engage with companies through SMS rather than voice. Everyone loves a good deal, especially if it is personalized to something that they actually want. CPaaS allows you to make data-informed decisions using customer profile, purchase history, and more to personalize customer SMS communications.

Use analytics to make customer-centric decisions

Tracking customer behavior and how they interact with your brand, through surveys or clicks, is essential to improving processes that affect the customer experience. Analytics shed light on the frequency, quality, and outcomes of interactions between retailers and their customers. These insights empower businesses to hone their processes to ultimately provide a better experience for each customer.

IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Communications Platform is built to optimize your communications and help keep your customers happy and coming back for more. To learn more about CPaaS and how it can simplify your most complex communications challenges, check out our EBook – How Retail Companies Can Use CPaaS.

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