Healthcare communications transformed

Modernize the patient experience and boost satisfaction with Smart Automation

The healthcare industry is rapidly undergoing changes to care delivery and evolving patient expectations. From a shift in volume-based to value-based care, healthcare providers are moving from the pandemic crisis response to recovery and renewal, with added pressure to adapt to a new patient-centric, always-on digital care model — that’s accessible from anywhere.

This means being able to:

  • Create continuous touchpoints throughout the patient experience
  • Support virtual care through various communication channels and digital self-service
  • Integrate data from EHRs (electronic health records) and PMS (patient management systems) to create a complete picture of a patient’s health
  • Protect patient data, such as medical history, test results, prescriptions, and other sensitive information
  • Optimize the time employees spend on patient care by automating administrative tasks and common needs
  • Streamline appointment management with automated scheduling, as well as voice and SMS reminders
  • Maximize ROI by reducing no-show appointments to keep a full schedule and ensure timely visits

Secure, easy-to-use solutions that bridge the gap between technical and clinical needs

Our solutions automate the redundant tasks for simpler patient communications. With enterprise-grade integrations and value-added services, providers can focus more on what matters — their patients.

Advancing healthcare

IntelePeer’s enterprise healthcare customer achieved impressive 60% monthly call deflection, enhancing efficiency and elevating patient engagement.

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Solutions include:

Appointment management

Payment processing

Prescription management

Patient surveys

Notification alerts

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