SmartOffice™ from IntelePeer

AI and automation wherever business is done

AI-driven automation to achieve optimal return on investment through enhanced interaction resolution

IntelePeer’s SmartOffice solution enables regional offices to leverage AI and analytics for automation. This unique offering allows offices to seamlessly contain inbound customer interactions without the need for human intervention by enterprise workers, which reduces spend and optimizes ROI, while maintaining a professional, hassle-free experience for customers. Further, with the use of cutting-edge AI, SmartOffice is equipped to quickly escalate and route calls to additional departments and knowledge workers throughout the organization while capturing customer context and data intelligence.

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Why SmartOffice?

Higher payback / ROI

– Predictable spend
– Reduced front office cost
– Improved employee productivity

Drive efficiency

– 24×7 instant resolutions
– Automate routine tasks across mobile and desktop
– Enterprise integrations for contextual information

Enhanced CX

– Customer interactions are contained and completed with the use of AI and automation
– Improved call containment and resolution times
– Ability to handle interactions with contextual information

IntelePeer’s solution for local, regional, and branch offices — SmartOffice — takes automation to the next level for the enterprise by offering simplified bundles with advanced feature sets, such as conversational AI, generative AI, and SmartFlows versus traditional commodity utilization-based pricing.