Hyper-automate your contact center

Reduce labor costs and improve customer experience

IntelePeer’s SmartAgent™ for inbound contact centers is helping businesses to quickly automate agent responsibilities and empower self-service for a faster ROI — with a more efficient over-the-top approach. Businesses can now improve customer experiences and CSAT with the latest hyper-automation capabilities — resulting in immediate in-quarter payback on their SmartAgent investment.

Powered by IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform, SmartAgent features generative AI, advanced analytics, and omnichannel orchestration, versus traditional live agent-led contact centers. Hyper-automate your inbound contact center today.

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Why SmartAgent? Get these benefits and more:

Manage spikes in call capacity

• Handle high call volumes with virtual agents
• Eliminate customer wait time to speak with a live agent

Reduce costs

• Activate virtual agents to handle repetitive tasks
• Leave more complex tasks to live agents

Avoid compliance issues

• Let virtual agents gather and handle sensitive data
• Ensure PCI and HIPPA compliance

Minimize average handle time (AHT)

• Accurately route calls to the right source
• Capture customer intent and decrease call resolution time

Contain up to 70% of customer interactions

• Increase customer call containment rate with self-service
• Human-like interactions resulting in faster self-service

Increase CSAT scores

• Bot training up to 5x faster
• 24/7 customer service