Basic and advanced automation to improve integrated health services

May 19, 2022

2 minutes

Your healthcare organization uses technology as part of your integrated health services to provide great care. But are you using that technology with smart automation practices, to wow patients? With the rise of convenient B2C digital and mobile omnichannel experiences, many customers and patients expect a seamless interaction with every company they interact with.

Basic – and even advanced – interactions are achievable with less effort than you might think. Even advanced interactions like automated reminders, implementing AI, and next-level security can be added for the busiest of healthcare organizations.

Setting up automation is necessary for healthcare organizations that want to live up to patients’ expectations. Here are a few of the basic and advanced solutions that can improve your integrated health services without the need for a whole development team.

Automated SMS interactions reduce no-shows and keep you top-of-mind

In minutes, you can connect a healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) platform with a service like IntelePeer’s and automate to save time and money. Automated texts can help patients throughout their experience with your healthcare organization.

Basic: Appointment reminders help reduce no-shows, a constant and frustrating issue that plagues even the best organizations. With appointment reminders and patient self-scheduling, your company can automate more efficient scheduling.

Texting patients to fill out pre-appointment questionnaires can help get them in and out faster. It shortens in-office waiting times. A simple yet effective solution is low-hanging fruit for a healthcare organization – big or small.

Advanced: To wow patients, you can set up post-appointment touchpoints like automatically texting health tips to educate them on healthy practices. Providing a concussion patient with tips like resting for 24 to 48 hours after their injury can help keep them healthy and safe. Customized outpatient care will help your practice stay top-of-mind for their next appointment.

Easily navigate and get answers to common questions

Services like Smart Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provide greetings and directories to get patient calls to the right place without a human on the line. It can also respond to what the caller says and provide patient self-service options.

Basic: With Smart IVR, new patients can:

  • Speak to navigate a menu tree and get to the right department quickly
  • Schedule an appointment over the phone
  • Get a professional on the phone
  • Access business hours, announcements, and answers to frequently asked questions

Smart IVR alleviates administration staff of all this work, but it doesn’t cut them out of the picture entirely. Integrated sentiment analysis identifies a caller’s tone of voice. When it detects frustration, it connects them to a human to avoid further frustration.

Advanced: Adding Smart IVR to help patients order prescription refills, can help you stand out with another point of self-service.

By setting up a line for developing emergencies like COVID-19, Smart IVR gives your patients a great, automated resource for emergency situations. The information provided to patients can be updated in minutes, so callers always receive the right information.

Security throughout your integrated health services

There’s no joking when it comes to digital security in the healthcare industry. Protecting health records and personally identifiable information (PII) is the law. Enforcing patient data security and access is a must, and some automated tools can help.

Basic: Many of IntelePeer’s tools are HIPAA-approved, use encrypted messaging, and even secure voice calls with transport layer security (TLS) and secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP).

Advanced: Patients expect you to take care of them in and out of the hospital. With two-factor authentication (2FA) logins are more secure from password hacking. With an additional level of authentication, you can help keep their PII safer without dedicating tech support for every password reset.

With a few tools, which can take just minutes to set up, you can exceed patients’ expectations. Provide care in and out of the office, on and offline with basic reminders, call navigation, and security. And advance the experience with outpatient reminders and tips, easy self-service, and great security. With outstanding service like this, your practice can better stay top of mind for current patients and attract new ones, too.

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