AI-Powered CAPs: How partners should be preparing for the automated future

Nov 6, 2023

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According to statistics, around 60% of all organizations are using AI. Automation is becoming critical to meet higher consumer expectations across every vertical, and partners play a critical role in supplying contact centers with the technology that helps them offer value-added services and unlock cost-friendly efficiencies.

Amidst the significant transformation triggered by generative and conversational AI there are significant business opportunities for partners who sell communications automation with AI.

In this outlook, what are these opportunities for channel partners? How can they insert themselves in this new technological race and offer contact centers exactly what they need to overcome their challenges?

AI, a growing market with enormous impact

AI is reshaping how companies can operate, design products, and customize services, solving complex problems, fueling creativity, and revolutionizing conventional workflows. From personalized product design to predictive analytics and innovative content creation, AI is unlocking benefits and capabilities that were previously unimaginable.

According to estimates, generative AI will represent a $158.6 billion opportunity for the contact center ecosystem by 2028. Similarly, the virtual assistant market represents the fastest-growing segment in the contact center forecast with a projected 57.6%1 CAGR from 2022 through 2027.

As technology advances and customer expectations evolve, channel partners can help their customers offer personalized experiences and better position themselves to stay competitive.

The critical role of partners

Partners play an essential role in helping contact centers adapt to the new AI-driven reality — triggered by consumers’ growing demand of highly personalized experiences. By offering contact centers Communications Automation Platform (CAP) solutions, they allow them to meet the increasing demand for personalization and self-service while saving costs, deploying technology faster, and scale and descale rapidly according to fluctuating demand. All these benefits can be delivered to customers via implementations that layer over the top of current contact center infrastructure as CAPs offer low-code solutions.

The intrinsic value of automated CAP solutions allows partners to access significant business opportunities. Selling AI-powered products unlocks new revenue streams and improved commissions given the disruptive nature of a market whose current value is $136.5 billion — generative software is expected to be worth $3.7 billion by the end of 2023.

These statistics show the sheer value of this technology, anticipate the impact it will have in the coming years, and show the critical role partners play in growing the business while securing sustainable profitability.

Why partners should layer customers’ CAP solutions over existing platforms

Partners can help their customers modernize their businesses without ripping and replacing. By layering contact centers over existing solutions, partners can roll out automation and AI for their customers while maintaining legacy infrastructure. According to a study by Nemertes in 2020, customers that implement automation on their legacy systems can see an increase of 31% in CSAT scores, 53% in revenue, and a drop of 28% in operational costs.

When deploying AI-powered solutions, partners can help their customers identify areas where AI and automation can provide the most significant benefits, such as call routing, data entry, and repetitive tasks.

The nature and attributes of AI-based services and solutions allow partners to seize a market in which a myriad of technological upgrades on current systems can be performed.

Increase sales with automation and AI

Are you ready to provide automation and AI to your customers? With the cloud-based, AI-powered IntelePeer CAP, you can help your customers migrate to the cloud or power up current legacy systems, ushering in a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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